Zoom is introducing new features designed to help users transition from the office to work or mixed work. The Zoom Rooms Kiosk mode will enable a virtual receptionist to greet you from the Zoom Room for Touch device, while Neat Sense will enable users to monitor and manage the air quality and humidity in the room. Other features include being able to check how many people are in the room, being able to pair the Zoom Room with your phone, and sharing the whiteboard on Zoom Chat.

The video conferencing service announced these features through a blog post, which can help users resume their mixed working state. According to the blog post, companies can use this technology to empower staff, simplify collaboration between in-office and remote workers, and transition back to the office as seamlessly as possible.

According to Zoom’s regulations, the virtual receptionist function available in the Zoom Rooms Kiosk mode is now “usually available”. Another feature allows users to use the “Zoom Dashboard” and “Plan Display” to see how many people are in the room in real time. This can help users ensure that social distancing protocols are followed and the meeting space is not overcrowded.

Neat Sense allows users to monitor and manage air quality, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and the number of people in the room and the number of people. From February 11, data and statistical information on this aspect will be widely available on the Zoom dashboard.

Users can use the Zoom Room for Touch to control the desktops of people who are currently sharing their laptop screens through their devices. When sharing content, “Zoom Room” can also select “Gallery View”. Users can also share files directly via ultrasound on the Zoom for Home device.

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Users can pair their Android or iOS devices to join the meeting in the Zoom Room. During the meeting, the mobile client will automatically be placed in companion mode. After downloading the Zoom Room Controller application on the device, users will have access to all room controls, including the ability to start or join meetings and participant controls, eliminating the need for users to share the room controller.

The Zoom for Home device will be able to join and host OnZoom sessions scheduled in the user’s calendar. For ease of use, the new in-meeting toolbar and controls in the “zoom meeting room” have been redesigned.

Windows, Mac, and Zoom Rooms Appliance devices can view real-time transcription, and can also receive and display conference responses on the screen. IT administrators will have more controls to allow or restrict users to log in to self-managed home Zoom devices. Administrators can require users of Zoom Room Appliances and Zoom for Home devices to set a screen PIN.

You can use the Logitech Swytch video conference link to take over Zoom Room A/V on third-party conferences running through your laptop. The above features will be available in the latest version of Zoom.

At the same time, Zoom said that the enhanced voice commands of “Zoom Rooms” are currently in the testing phase.

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