Zoom CEO Eric Yuan admitted that he was affected by Zoom fatigue, because the restrictions caused by the pandemic made working from home hurt everyone. Since the coronavirus pandemic last year, most service industry personnel have been working remotely, which requires constant video calls and online meetings, which leads to fatigue and burnout. Now, senior executives of several large companies say that as executives oppose the idea of โ€‹โ€‹telecommuting, they may reconsider the option of working from home in the coming weeks. This problem is so common that Yuan, the founder and CEO of Zoom, admitted that he personally experienced fatigue due to countless virtual meetings on the video conferencing platform.

In a speech at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council Summit, Yuan Yuan said that he had to attend 19 Zoom meetings in a row last year, and he was very tired of it. Yuan added that he no longer holds back-to-back meetings, which makes him feel very comfortable.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon responded to his views. He said he had been working in the office for several months and decided to gradually withdraw his employees. He said that more employees will return to work from May, but not many are happy about this.

Yuan also stated that he hopes his employees will be there at least two days a week.

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Many Twitter users shared their experience of exhaustion due to continuous video conferences.

Video conferencing requires people to constantly concentrate, which can lead to fatigue. Experts recommend taking a short break after each meeting to restore your mind. A recent Stanford University study found that women are more likely to suffer from zoom fatigue than men. According to this study, about 14% of the women in the sample expressed extreme fatigue, while less than 6% of the men.

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