Zack Snyder will shoot new scenes for it Justice League The director’s salary cut after all. A new report says that Snyder plans to reshoot the controversial “Snyder Cut” in October for a week, when Ben Affleck will play Bruce Wayne/Batman and Henry Cavill will play Clark Kent/Superman, Gal Gadot as Diana/ “Superwoman” and Ray Fisher as Victor Stone/Cyborg. No mention of Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry/Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen / “Flash”, which shows that Jack Snyder’s Justice League new scene does not include them.

This is contrary to what Snyder and HBO Max (the exclusive residence of Snyder Cut in the U.S.) initially said when Jack Snyder’s Justice League was announced in May.According to reports, Warner Bros. Pictures and HBO Max – a sister company of WarnerMedia – have pledged to spend between US$20-30 million (approximately Rs 1.552 million) to help Snyder complete his version Justice League, It is said that the money will be used for visual effects, background scoring and new dialogue (if needed). It now appears that while doing this work, Snyder realized that some shooting was needed.

However, considering a big budget movie like this, it’s not a big deal that it’s worth spending a week to reshoot. Justice League Do not take more than one or two minutes of scripts every day. However, what is more interesting is the presence of Fisher because he is currently communicating with WarnerMedia.Fisher claims Justice League After Snyder resigned due to a family tragedy, he replaced director Joss Whedon, former DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns and former DC film company director Jon Berg ( Jon Berg) created an atmosphere of abuse and misconduct in 2017.

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Led WarnerMedia to Justice League Started production in August. Since then, the studio has claimed that Fisher did not cooperate with the investigation into the forced release of the actor. Screenshots Indicates that he has already met with the investigator. Fisher also claimed that Walter Hamada, the new president of DC Films, had privately threw Wheaton and Berg under the bus, although WarnerMedia also refuted this. In early September, Momoah expressed support to Fisher and demanded that the guilty party be “accounted for.”

The Hollywood Reporter brought news of the new Snyder Cut re-shooting. He pointed out that people familiar with the matter told it that Whedon was “difficult” with the film’s cast. Justice League During the time he played in 2017, his coaching style was said to be the opposite of Snyder’s “collaborative approach”, and the re-shooting was “a mess and hasty assembly.The report also pointed out that Fisher and Warner Bros. talked about flash For this reason, the movie stalled and the actors asked WB to double the price. However, he agreed to return to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which shows that he is happy to work with Snyder.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be released as a four-hour miniseries on HBO Max in 2021, followed by a four-hour movie. Snyder has not announced any global release plans on DC FanDome, but they are working hard to ensure that international fans are also followed. However, it is not clear what this actually means. WarnerMedia has previously stated that it plans to continue working with existing partners in countries/regions where HBO Max has no plans to start. In India, WarnerMedia has connections with Netflix, Amazon and Disney + Hotstar.

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