Army of the Dead 2 is ready-at least in Zack Snyder’s mind. The director and co-author of “Dead Legion” revealed that he has “crazy” thoughts about the sequel “too crazy”, and if Netflix agrees, he will direct it “within a second”. Legion of the Dead was released on the global streaming service last Friday, May 21, and Netflix has not officially announced any content about Legion of the Dead 2. But this is not all of Snyder’s plan. He has completed the script for another “big, big, crazy movie” and “is working hard to get Netflix to agree to do this.” One thing is clear: Snyder cooperates with Warner Bros.

The saboteurs of the Legion of the Dead are in front.

“Shea [Hatten, Army of the Dead co-writer] I know exactly what will happen next. Snyder told Polygon. It will naturally follow Omari Hardwick’s character, Vanderohe, when he was flying to Mexico City by private jet, and it was revealed that he was bitten at the end of the movie. Snyder De “absolutely” wanted to outline “what if…?” “For a moment. He added: “I will do it soon.” Our plan was crazy. Once we knew that Vanderohe was a bit injured and he was going to Mexico City (Mexico City), I was like, “Do you know what will happen?” Then I cried. At the end, Shay was like saying, “Okay.”

Comment: Snyder’s zombie movie “Dead Army” needs a bullet to the brain

Snyder also put down the sequel to “Army of the Dead” and pointed out that the film contained a robot zombie (“What about the robot zombies? Did you catch those?”), and the Alpha Zombie Zeus (Zeus) from an address containing Iran. “Like, is he some kind of secret biological weapon?” Snyder asked rhetorically. He was referring to the dispute between the United States and Iran, which was further exacerbated during Donald Trump’s presidency of the United States. He hinted that he would be president during the Legion of the Dead incident.

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The potential Undead 2 Corps can even be expanded on the one-time time loop theory proposed by Van der Rohe, who pointed out the decomposing corpses that looked like corpses in the basement of the casino, indicating that the billionaire Bly Tanaka ) (Hiroyuki Sanada) doing the same job over and over again. Snyder said: “I don’t know what’s going on? Is Tanaka the devil or God, are we just pawns in some abnormal games?”

Snyder has always been good at promoting his films, even for films that will never exist. After Snyder Cut of the Justice League (Synder League) took up the wake, the director revealed his grand plan for the Justice League trilogy.But Warner Bros. had no intention of letting Snyder control more DC movies, so his Justice League The idea of ​​the sequel will only exist in the text. This may also be the case with Legion of the Dead 2, although given that Netflix is ​​already establishing a franchise with Snyder-Legion of Thieves has a prequel movie, and Legion of the Dead: Lost Las Vegas has prequel anime-many sequels may be here.

Maybe Netflix may first say “yes” to another “large, huge, crazy movie” of Snyder, and the script of the director of “Army of the Dead” reveals that he has been working on it for five years.

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