YouTube is introducing new features to its platform to support a diverse community and encourage respectful interaction. Streaming media platforms will warn users when their upcoming comments offend others, giving them the option to reflect before posting. YouTube will also test the new filter in YouTube Studio to check whether it is possible that inappropriate and harmful comments will be automatically retained for review, so that channel owners don’t have to view these comments.

YouTube announced these updates in its blog and stated that the platform is working to bridge the existing gap in the impact of YouTube’s products and policies on everyone, especially the black community.

The new Community Guidelines reminder is used to post potentially harmful comments, and the reminder has been published on Android. If the commenter wants to continue to deal with potentially harmful comments after the notification pops up, they can consider doing so, or even choose to edit/delete them. If a user believes they have been flagged incorrectly, they can let YouTube know through a notification pop-up window.

When a user’s comments may offend others, YouTube will warn users

According to the YouTube support page, the system learns from repeated reports by users. YouTube will also simplify comment review tools to make it easier for creators to read or deal with comments that may be inappropriate and harmful.

In order to identify system gaps that may affect creators’ opportunities to reach their full potential, YouTube will voluntarily request creators to provide their gender, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity starting next year. The video streaming platform uses this tool, indicating that it will check how its system handles content from different communities, such as search, discovery and monetization.

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The Google-owned company said it will also study possible patterns of hatred, harassment and discrimination, which may have a greater impact on some communities than others.

YouTube said that it has invested in technology to help the system better detect and delete hate comments by considering video themes and comment content.

At the same time, YouTube launched three new filters at the beginning of this week, designed to help creators, artists and publishers provide “even more interactive experiences” with Premieres. Two of these filters (real-time redirects and trailers) have begun to roll out to eligible creators, while the third filter (countdown theme) will be launched in the next few months.

Live Direct will allow creators to host as a live broadcast of a pre-show before Premiere broadcasts. The audience will be automatically guided on the upcoming Premiere. On the other hand, the trailer will allow users to upload a pre-recorded hype video, which will be played on the watch page before Premiere. The clip ranges from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. The countdown theme allows creators to choose a custom countdown for their premiere in various themes, resonances and moods.

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