YouTube is testing a new method of adding time stamps to videos. With this new update, you can mark the current time of the video while writing a comment by simply clicking the dedicated icon. In addition, YouTube makes it easier for creators to help viewers navigate to certain parts of the video by automatically adding video chapters. The video streaming platform introduced chapters in May to allow creators to manually add certain timestamps to their videos for easy navigation between multiple topics.

YouTube announced in an updated forum post on its support page that it is simplifying the way to add time stamps with a new icon that can be used when commenting on videos. It will allow viewers to automatically add the current time of the video.

Currently, you need to manually put the timecode in the comment to provide a timestamp on a specific video. The new update will make this process very easy because you can add a timestamp to the comment by clicking the new icon.

YouTube said that the new test was initially limited to a small number of users. This means you will most likely not get new features immediately.

In addition to timestamp-centric changes, YouTube is also testing automated video chapters. This will be especially helpful for creators to add video chapters to their videos so that viewers can easily navigate to specific sections.

The company said on the support page: “We will use machine learning to recognize text in order to automatically generate video chapters.”

Similar to timestamp updates, automatic video chapters will initially be limited to a short video. Creators can also write to YouTube via a dedicated form to opt out of the new experience or share their feedback.

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Last month, YouTube expanded video chapters so that viewers can watch a complete list of all chapters in the video they are watching. The update is for Android and iOS users.

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