YouTube Music now allows users to “start broadcasting” directly from the “Now Playing” screen on Android. Users can click on the album artwork of the song, and then select the button on the far right to start a broadcast of similar songs. The “Start Broadcasting” option in the YouTube music overflow menu has been around for a while, but now it also appears as a quicker option. In the past few months, Google has been rolling out many new features for YouTube Music, and this is the latest feature.

When a user is playing a song on YouTube Music, the user can click the “Start Broadcast” option from the album artwork interface to listen to similar songs. This is the fourth button. After clicking, a toast message of “Start Radio” will appear on the screen. This update was first discovered by 9to5Google. The publication states that this feature has been tested for several weeks.

Prior to this update, the “Start Broadcasting” option could be accessed from the overflow menu of YouTube Music. The option to do this still exists, but this is a faster way to launch a broadcast playlist of similar songs. Alternatively, the user can also long press any song outside the player to start the radio station. Although this is a useful feature, the new “Start Radio” button may be difficult to recognize, and it may take the user some time to figure out its usage.

Google released a number of new features of YouTube Music in the last few months of 2020, as it was transformed by shutting down Google Play Music and encouraging users to switch to YouTube’s music platform. This streaming media application launched in November last year a feature similar to song broadcasting, namely “quick selection”. After selecting a song, a radio playlist of similar songs will be generated. This feature seems to be a way to introduce users to their types of music in an effective way.

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