YouTube Music is adding new ways to sort the desktop music library. Users can now sort the library in three ways (A to Z or Z to A recently added). This feature is already available on Android devices and has now also been extended to the Web. YouTube also renamed its flagship playlist “Your Mix” with personalized music recommendations to “My Super Mix”. This change will be rolled out to Android, iOS and desktop computers.

With the official closure of Google Play Music, Google is rolling out more updates for YouTube Music to encourage users to move to this music streaming service.

Under the “Your Mix” icon, there is a line of text describing the playlist as “endless personalized music.” The text under “My Super Mix” that was just launched is “It was your mix before.” The cover is the same as before-a pink-red background with a YouTube logo in the upper left corner and a circular design in the upper right corner. My Supermix appears in the “Mix for You” category on the homepage.

However, after playing the songs in the library, we noticed that the playlist is still called “Your Mix” in the “Recent Activity” category with the old description.

Now, you can also choose to separate your favorite songs, songs in the playlist, or even the entire playlist in alphabetical order. Previously, you could only sort by recently added content. Reddit users pointed this out and while trying, we noticed that we were also able to sort songs by A to Z or Z to A or recently added songs.

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YouTube Music is always adding new features, and since Google Play Music is no longer available, it seems that more updates are being rolled out. Although the new feature is not special, it will help make the music streaming service more user-friendly, which may enable more users who previously used Google Play Music to turn to YouTube Music.

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