Once upon a time, gamers would like big budget cutscenes, which looked much better than the game itself. Games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and World of Warcraft have some of the best cutscenes. However, with the development of TV technology, these classic cutscenes have disappeared, mainly because they have poor results on 4K TV screens and even 1080p monitors, just like pixelated mess. But a YouTube channel seems to bring them back to life by upscaling them to 8K resolution-and they look just like on an old CRT TV, if not better.

A YouTube channel called “Upscale” is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable these cutscenes to be rendered on modern televisions. For example, the upscale introduction to Kingdom Hearts looks spectacular. In the post, the channel mentioned the “enhancement” it made to the video-“enhanced lighting effects, enhanced colors”.

Watch the video here:

Do you think it looks good? Maybe you need another one to decide. This one comes from World of Warcraft and also includes a before and after comparison. The character’s hair is clearly visible in the remake, while it is blurred in the original. The enhanced version has nice details on the beard and fur on the dwarf.

High-end describes itself as “committed to providing the best quality in video games, anime and movie scenes.” According to The Verge, the use of Topaz Video Enhance AI software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology has improved the quality of game videos.

However, the way the AI ​​algorithm works varies depending on the artistic style of the video. The same picture or video can have different qualities. For example, the Kingdom Hearts described above has been upgraded to 4K Ultra HD. Surprisingly, although the remade version is very close to the original style, it has AI details that were not even clearly visible before. It cannot completely restore or change the scene, but can only make small changes suitable for this era and technology. Nevertheless, the video on this YouTube channel is a nostalgic treat.

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