Press release. YfDFI Finance is an innovative community-centric DeFi financial center. It cooperates with the established project Ferrum Network to completely change the current mortgage method. The initial phase of the partnership will focus on mortgages, but its ambitions will be further expanded to include liquid agriculture and more aspects of the DeFi spectrum.

In the past few months, YfDFI Finance ( has grown from an idea to an autonomous community driven by YFD tokens. The project aims to become the first DeFi financial center fully supported by its community. The term “financial center” was chosen because the team hopes to provide a wide range of products, from staking, farming, exchange, and trading to self-service banking and insurance products.

In the past few months, the industry has been introduced into hundreds of Year Finance branches, one branch is more diverse than the other. The early contributors of YfDFI Finance did not just spend time and resources to create another copy, but chose to start from scratch and set new standards for community-centric projects. The ultimate goal is to provide services known in centralized financing throughout the entire DeFi product, while redistributing profits to YFD token holders. The process of the project is completely determined by the community through governance agreements. Community members obtain voting rights by acquiring and betting tokens. In terms of rights and interests, the YfDFI community called on the expertise of Ferrum Network to expand its rights and interests.

Staking is often referred to as a service provided by the project among community members without any external help. Ferrum Network broke industry standards by creating its own SaaS (Service as Staking) protocol, allowing low-value projects to provide staking opportunities for their token holders. In the past year, Ferrum has helped more than 40 projects provide mortgage services, enabling investors to obtain hundreds of percent of income each year. By cooperating with various projects to explore different mortgage mechanisms, Ferrum has found new ways to provide value to projects such as YfDFI Finance.

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Soon, YfDFI Finance provided no less than 375% of attractive staking APY through its own staking platform. The chip pool only accounts for 30% of the total supply of 20,000 YFD tokens, so supply is scarce and demand increases. Importantly, since the partnership with Ferrum Network (, the current YFD stakeout activities will be expanded through the Ferrum platform. This extension means leveraging the Ferrum community with more than 25,000 active community members, allowing more than 6,000 UniFyre wallet users to stake directly in the app and create custom betting possibilities. The latter will include the opportunity to provide VIPs to top contributors within the community.

The first phase of the partnership between YfDFI and Ferrum Network is about to begin. A dedicated giving back event will focus on giving back to the community, which will be completed within a few weeks. The entire chapter is just the tip of the iceberg that the future will provide. The follow-up aspects of the cooperation between the two projects will center on the development of mobile agriculture. This innovative technology combines Uniswap’s mobility with extensive yield agriculture. The liquidity agricultural pool developed by the community will enable liquidity providers in the WETH/YFD pool to earn up to 10% interest every week. Both mortgage and liquidity farming will continue until all YFD tokens allocated to these two practices are distributed.

With the continuous expansion of the community, the sudden increase in token prices and a talented team, YfDFI Finance seems to usher in a bright future. Although the team remains anonymous, all tools exist to prevent optional export scams (pull the carpet), such as locking team tokens, mortgage tokens, agricultural tokens, and liquidity tokens on Unicrypt for at least six months. More importantly, the project has been reviewed by the Nasdax security team. During the entire review process, no major defects were found, and the conclusion was still anonymous information: “safe, reliable and completely fair”. With all these features, the community will be ready for the next few months, and it is expected that the price and the size of the community will increase.

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About YfDFI Finance

YfDFI Finance aims to become the first DeFi financial center fully supported by the community. The YfDFI ecosystem is a community-centric project that aims to rebuild all types of financial services (farming, governance, insurance, credit, trading, self-service banking, etc.) provided through DeFi protocols in traditional finance. All solutions will be developed by the community, and all profits generated by the ecosystem will be automatically redistributed to all contributors (YFD token holders). Visit:

Press Contact: Kevin Lance, Business Manager


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