It is said that Y Combinator, a US-based startup accelerator, has fired an American entrepreneur and another founder because of their public opposition to misogyny and members’ efforts to skip the COVID-19 vaccine cohort. Y Combinator graduate Paul Biggar said that he was expelled for tweets in March, but Prolific co-founder and CEO Katia Damer was on LinkedIn last month. Was kicked out for posting a post. Biggar said that he had tweeted about how the two founders described how they skipped the vaccine queue on Y Combinator’s internal forum and shared tips on how other founders did the same.

“Lol was just kicked out by @ycombinator,” Biggar tweeted on June 5.

In another message released immediately afterwards, he wrote “for this tweet” and shared the tweet he posted in March, which, according to him, led to his expulsion.

“The second time, the @ycombinator founder posted on the internal YC forum about how they lied to skip the vaccine cohort in Oakland and instructed other founders to do the same,” he said.

In another tweet, Biggar drew attention to Damer’s expulsion and shared her post mentioning “the founder of YC hates women” in her post.

Soon after, Damer replied to this tweet, claiming that Y Combinator kicked her out. “Well, I will make it public: YC also kicked me out two weeks ago because I dared to criticize their beloved founder,” she added.

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Since Biggar first tweeted about the entire incident, many people have stood up to support these two entrepreneurs.

One user, Mark Nadal, said that this is the sad “disorientation” of the Y combination.

However, some people also say that it is usually best to talk to this person to get their point of view and give them a chance to correct themselves. User Jeff Whitlock said: “Apart from virtue signals, immediately jumping to the public Twitter condemnation does not seem to have much effect.”

Big is a well-known entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He is the founder and former CEO of CircleCI. The software engineer then founded the Dark company, which provided a new way to build a serverless backend.

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