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xSigma DeFi is a game-changing agreement supported by a NASDAQ listed company

The DeFi ecosystem is growing faster than anyone. Although the current service has suffered all the problems, billions of dollars of digital assets have been invested. Clumsy code, security holes, and suspicious anonymous developers are just some of the issues that may make the DeFi space too risky at the moment. Fortunately, with the release of the new DeFi DEX protocol by xSigma, all of this will change. This is the first entry in the field of projects supported by a Nasdaq listed company.

xSigma ushered in a new era of DeFi DEX

ZK International Group Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: ZKIN) revealed on Monday, November 23 that it will provide funding for its wholly-owned subsidiary xSigma to enter the field of decentralized finance and focus on decentralized exchanges. This is of great significance to the DeFi ecosystem, because this is the first publicly listed company in history to support the development of this field.

The xSigma DeFi protocol will power DEX, which will bring rewards to liquidity providers well known in the field, while also minimizing risks for all users. The developers created an intuitive interface that allows novices to easily trade on the complex engine that supports the ERC20 asset collection without causing permanent losses.

xSigma DeFi will provide the ecosystem with a single entry point suitable for all users, which can be used as a decentralized “bank account” to earn interest on deposited funds. It is characterized by controllable and sustainable token emissions, and there is no complicated governance-the distribution of dividends through token burning. The xSigma researchers explained that they have fundamentally solved the potential problems of AMM and made breakthroughs in non-custodial transactions, thereby eliminating the risk of token holders of asset collections.

A team you can trust

ZK International is a company headquartered in China dedicated to supplying steel pipes for large-scale natural gas and water industries. It has participated in more than 2,000 projects, including Beijing National Airport, “Water Cube” and “Bird’s Nest”, which was the site of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The NASDAQ listed company launched xSigma as a research and development laboratory in 2018 to solve real-world infrastructure challenges and explore new opportunities in smart contracts, supply chain management and other blockchain-based solutions.

The xSigma team includes developers with world experience working for Google, Facebook, Ripple Labs, 1inch and other successful technology companies. The developers of the DeFi protocol will come from the forefront of blockchain research that intersects with decentralized finance, supply chain management, the Internet of Things, and infrastructure. The team’s identity and expertise will be posted on the laboratory’s website, bringing the trust and transparency that is much needed in the DeFi space today.

xSigma DeFi will be launched in the form of a stable currency DEX and supported by native governance. Support for lending services will be added later. The xSigma DeFi token will bring many benefits beyond governance, including centralizing a portion of all DEX fees to token holders. In order to align the incentives between the xSigma team and its community, the team and LP tokens have promised to gradually vest in two years.

To learn more about xSigma, its world-class team and the new DeFi protocol, please visit the laboratory’s website now and follow its Twitter and LinkedIn pages for updates.

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