Xbox Series X and Series S now support Dolby Vision, which is expected to provide an enhanced experience for gamers around the world. For the first time last year, Microsoft announced Dolby Vision enhancements for the latest Xbox consoles and Dolby Atmos support for games. The update is said to provide “full-spectrum visual effects” and vivid colors of elements in the game, such as dense rainforests and neon futuristic cities. With the latest update, Xbox Series X and Series S became the first consoles to support Dolby Vision games.

Microsoft said that more than 100 next-generation HDR games optimized for Xbox Series X and Series S will have Dolby Vision. These games will include 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite, which also received support for Dolby Atmos games earlier this year.

In addition to introducing games in Dolby Vision, Microsoft and Dolby are also committed to using Dolby Vision technology to bring better visual experience to classic HDR10 and automatic HDR games. Microsoft said there will be thousands of games that will provide an enhanced experience on TV models that support Dolby Vision.

Almost all native HDR games available today have been optimized for Xbox Series X and Series S, including Psychonauts 2, Gears 5 and Ori, and Will of the Elves, which promise to adopt Dolby Vision in the future.

Microsoft is trying to bring Dolby Vision games to Xbox Series X and Series S consoles to take the user experience to a new level. The company said that Dolby Vision support for games will bring more vivid colors to the screen and help gamers see enemies hidden in the shadows and discover hidden clues. The company said it will be possible with the contrast and higher definition in bright and dark scenes provided by Dolby Vision.

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Games in Dolby Vision will automatically map to any display that supports proprietary technology to provide higher brightness, color, contrast, and detail. The technology is also compatible with DirectX ray tracing, automatic low latency mode (ALLM) and variable refresh rate (VRR) and other functions, which are part of the Xbox Series X and Series S. Microsoft and Dolby are also cooperating with TV manufacturers to implement Dolby Vision with a 120Hz refresh rate for compatible models.

How to enable Dolby Vision games on Xbox Series X and Series S

You can enable Dolby Vision on Xbox Series X and Series S by going to set up > General > TV and display options > Video mode > Dolby Game Vision.

Note that you need a TV that supports Dolby Vision to get Dolby Vision games on Xbox Series X and Series S. If you have a compatible TV, please enable settings such as ALLM or VRR to experience the next generation of games.

To check if your monitor supports Dolby Vision, please visit set up > General TV and display options > 4K TV details.

Last September, Dolby promised to bring Dolby Vision games to Xbox Series X and Series S. Both new game consoles include Dolby Vision, which can stream content through applications such as Netflix and play supported movies on Blu-ray discs. Microsoft has also provided Dolby Atmos support for media content from the beginning and used it in games last year.

The previous generation of Xbox One X also included Dolby Vision support for video content. It also supports the Dolby Vision of the game, but this has not exited the testing phase.

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By introducing Dolby Vision games on Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft is accepting Sony PlayStation 5 that does not support Dolby technology but supports traditional HDR10.

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