Emoji provide a better way to add emotion to a message. “I’m excited” may sound boring in the text, but add emoji to it and it will automatically speak your thoughts. “Lol” becomes a laughing emoji, “Ok” becomes a thumbs up emoji and so on. These small characters have become the second language in our digital world. In fact, a recent study by Bobble AI showed that 83% of people believe that emojis, stickers, and Gif help express themselves better when chatting online.

Every year, July 17 is celebrated globally as World Emoji Day, so today we will take a look at who created the first set of emojis and how they reach global devices.


Emoji is a Japanese word that means hieroglyphs or hieroglyphs.There are emoticons at the beginning 🙂, ;-DThen in 1999, Shigetaka Kurita, who worked on the development team of the early mobile Internet platform “i-mode” of DOCOMO, a major Japanese mobile operator, created the first set of emoticons. These are mostly symbols of the sun, clouds, umbrellas, snowmen, mobile phones, TV, GameBoy and all moon phases.

Then emoji slowly began to become popular in Japan and around the world. And, now, they have conquered SMS. But, have you ever wondered who decides what emoji to make?

Who made these emojis?

A non-profit organization called the Unicode Consortium manages emojis. It decides when to release new emojis and releases new emojis created by everyday people every year. You don’t need to be a professional designer to submit emoji proposals. If you feel that something needs to be represented by emoji, you can fill in the form on the Unicode Consortium website and submit your emoji proposal.

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However, these emojis have to go through strict selection criteria before entering our mobile phones. This process is too long, and it will take a year for the Unicode Consortium to finally decide which emojis will be released. It usually publishes 50 to 70 unique emoji characters each year, and each newly added emoji is permanently added.

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