“Wonder Woman 1984” (Wonder Woman 1984) tells the best film so far in the troubled DC film industry.Original Wonder WomanReleased in 2017, it is everything DC needs. This is different from the dark and dull tone of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is pleasant and exhilarating.Not like Suicide Squad. This is true from the root of its character. Unlike “Iron Man”, “Gal Gadot” (Gal Gadot) gave out hope even in its worst period: World War I. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. and director Patty Jenkins had an intense climb. Desire and harm to movies. Therefore, “Superwoman 1984” has a lot of boots. Unfortunately, the sequel has been out of the hands of the producers, no matter what Gadot does and she can do many things, she cannot avoid the next adventure due to the fire.

Like every superhero sequel, “Supergirl 1984” must be bigger and bigger than its predecessor. Wonder Woman Mainly occurred during the First World War, where did you go from? The title of the sequel revealed that it was set in the 80s, and the decision to choose “1984” was particularly interesting. It implies some Orwellian connection, but strangely, it is not found in “Wonder Woman 1984.” It didn’t even use its 80s excuse to shine in nostalgic music, because it liked to do it in the 80s. The only reason seems to be the fear of a nuclear massacre, but the later “Wonder Woman 1984” may have been set in the 1960s. Why is it in 1984? If the manufacturer (returning Jenkins co-written with Jeff Johns and Dave Callaham) knows, they don’t care to tell us.

But the bigger problem with the new “Supergirl” movie is the basis of the film. The rhythm can be seen everywhere. “Wonder Woman 1984” took nearly 70 minutes to be released-very frustrating-but even if the film is actually released, it usually forgets that the film is built on motivation. If you just study it carefully, you can easily cover the cracks in the script-ask Christopher Nolan (Christopher Nolan), he knows how to do it. This is not to say that there is not much happening-in fact, if there is anything, “Wonder Woman 1984” contains too much content, we will discuss it later, but this seems very busy, without any urgency or meaning. . . It has two underdeveloped villains, one of which performs poorly. It has a returning love interest, and its return is ethically clumsy. Moreover, it has never fully involved the protagonist’s life problems and earthquake thoughts.

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From Tenet to WW84, what will air in December

Note: Smaller themed dramas and dramatic changes are in sight.

“Wonder Woman 1984” was unveiled with the young Diana (Lilly Aspell) on her hometown of Themyscira Island, where she competed in the Amazon Games-just like their local Olympics, but even crazier. Although her opponent is more than twice that of her peers, Diana’s pursuit of success has made herself better, faster, and stronger than everyone. Although she is smart, Antiope (Robin Wright) reminds Diana that she must also be honest.Interestingly, this is the same as Hua Mulan, This is also of great value for being loyal to yourself. Naturally, this is the purpose of “Wonder Woman 1984”. But the idea of ​​how the rest of this new Wonder Woman film contributed to this goal was only half successful, and the idea seems to be lost in the countless narrative threads trying to balance.

Then skipped to 1984, when Diana (Gadot) settled in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, a continent that is nearly 70 years old from the location of the first film. She worked as an anthropologist at the Smithsonian National Natural History Museum-for people who live forever, relative to life-and performed heroic acts throughout the city. Some of them made her feel like the friendly neighbor Wonder Woman. Diana was also very lonely because everyone she knew and loved was dead. “Wonder Woman” in 1984 gave us a glimpse of photos of her home, including a photo of her lover Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), and another photo with Steve’s assistant, Ai Photo of Etta Candy. Wonder Woman. Diana’s near immortality is in a way a curse.

One day at the museum, Diana met with a new employee, Dr. Barbara Minerva (Christine Wig), who is an expert in various fields such as gemology, geology, lithology and cryptography, but Diana is not natural charm. She was very embarrassed, unable to attract people, and was quickly forgotten. For Barbara, Diana looks like the perfect package, she seems to be both in awe and envious of her identity. Barbara wants her to be everything to Diana. From her point of view, everything about Diana has become easy. Although Diana’s tragedy was that she lost all those who loved her, Barbara has not even experienced the feeling of being loved. “Wonder Woman 1984” quickly proved that Wig, with a comedy background and ribs, is an ideal choice to play someone like Barbara.

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Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva in “Wonder Woman” (1984)
Image credit: Clay Enos/DC Comics/WarnerBros.

The 1984 “Wonder Woman” could have been easily built around this dynamic, but Jenkins and Co. thought it appropriate to introduce a third wheel into the mix: Maxwell Lord (Maxwell Lord (Pedder) Ro Pascal)). In public, Max is an oil expert and TV personality, promising to get rich to ordinary people who invest in his company. Behind the closing, Max is a little liar running a Ponzi scheme. In this sense, he sounds a bit like Jimmy McGill from Better Call Saul. But Max has a plan to reverse fate with the help of an ancient handicraft that seems to be magical. Naturally, the object passed Barbara’s table, where the multilingual Diana deciphered the wishes it gave. Diana and Barbara laughed at it as “extremely lascivious,” but they didn’t laugh at it before they privately wished their deepest wish.

The first hour of the movie was spent setting up these two new important characters, but the two original stories of the villain greatly slowed down the process. Not that they are rich and complex. In essence, it swings from point A (not calm, hateful, clumsy, desperate and marginalized) to point B (cool, sexy, seductive or omnipotent and greedy).

There is a very relevant core with Barbara, that is, Diana is the only special person among human beings, while Barbara is a nobody and nothing. When she transforms into the villain cheetah, she becomes what she wants (although there is a price to pay). But “Wonder Woman in 1984” failed to bring the line home as needed, and fell into the cliché subject area, and then fell into an uninspired fist. Their battle made her an obstacle to the video game boss, not her own destination.Jenkins was forced to climax in the first game Wonder WomanBut it was all her own creation.

With “Max”, “Wonder Woman 1984” hopes to clarify the importance of honesty in its early morals. Max wants the world to only think about himself-the montage in the late game allows us to understand how his worldview came about-but he hides the true cost of his promises. But again, these ideas are not convincingly structured, and the results are dubious. How to manage this arc better lies in how it reaches its peak, not in a typical battle, but through Diana’s words and her message of compassion and peace, which is compassionate to the character Connected with the root cause. In an increasingly isolated world, “we can’t have everything we want” is an important message. In this world, sustainability is more concerned than ever.

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“Superwoman 1984” on HBO Max in 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos

Wonder Woman 1984 Review Lord Maxwell's Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Pedro Pascal, Maxwell Lord in “Wonder Woman” in 1984
Image Credit: Warner Bros./DC Comics

But Diana herself was lost in the chaos. “Wonder Woman 1984” never really participated in Diana’s central conflict (just like it never really participated in the set period), her personal sacrifices for the male world, and how she lost herself Love in a state of stagnation for more than sixty years. Never really let us into her heart. Gadot has played many roles-the work of “Wonder Woman 1984” depends to a large extent on her work-she conveys the humanity of “Wonder Woman”, the relaxed charm, elegance and power, and her face shows what she has endured The pain and determination to always do the right thing. She has too many roles to imagine anyone else.Gal Gadot Yes Wonder Woman.

Unfortunately, she worked in a heavy bag that couldn’t help herself. Its action position does not match the original sequence in World War I. Curiously, for a film that cost $200 million, the first large-scale action movie screened in the desert sometimes feels small. If CGI, editing, or action layout is not good, I cannot solve this problem. Wonder Woman 1984 gets better with its comedy and romantic clips. The return of Steve has taken the fish out of the original idea-Diana knows the world, and Steve is new to everything now.

However, the meat and potatoes of the story are half rare or undeveloped. Now that “Wonder Woman 1984” is being released on HBO Max at the same time (though only in the US), I can’t help but think that maybe it should be a miniseries. Zach Snyder’s Justice League is already receiving this treatment. This will provide us with plots about how Diana did without all dead friends, plots for the full development of the villain, and plots that follow the miraculous return of Diana and Steve. It needs it because it tries to adapt so much. Given that there have been 145 minutes, this seems a bit strange. But it takes more time to tell the story of it desperately trying to integrate into a movie.

In this way, even “Supergirl” cannot save 2020.

“Wonder Woman 1984” was shown in cinemas in India and other regions. In the US, it can be used on HBO Max for one month.