Will Smith’s slavery drama “Emancipation” will no longer be filmed in Georgia because the southern state of the United States approved a voting rights law that critics say was designed to suppress blacks and other representatives The turnout rate of the sex-deficient community.

In recent years, Georgia has become the main production center of the American film industry, but due to the measures that caused controversy in the state last month, the criticism and resistance of companies, sports and entertainment institutions to the public has been increasing, so the “Liberation” operation has been implemented. .

Smith and director Antoine Fuqua said in a statement to Agence France-Presse: “We cannot conscientiously provide financial support to the government that enacts a return to voting law designed to restrict the entry of voters.”

“Unfortunately, we feel compelled to transfer our film production from Georgia to another state.”

The law signed by the Republican governor of Georgia sets requirements for voter status, limits the number of ballot boxes, and prohibits volunteers from providing kettles to voters who may be forced to wait in line for several hours.

Critics liken it to the restrictions used to suppress the political power of African Americans in the Jim Crow era.

Smith and Fuqua wrote: “The new Georgia voting law reminds people of the voting barrier passed at the end of the reconstruction to prevent many Americans from voting.” Smith and Fuqua wrote that he won the Oscar in 2001.” “Training Day” is famous.

President Joe Biden narrowly defeated Donald Trump in Georgia, one of the states with the most intense elections in 2020.

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Trump falsely claimed that he was killed in the state due to voter fraud, after the coronavirus pandemic led to an increase in the use of early voting and mail voting, triggering unprecedented turnouts.

Blacks in Georgia have a long history of slavery and apartheid, and they have been trying to suppress their voting rights for decades.

In protest against this new law, Major League Baseball moved its 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta, while Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola were based in Georgia. Publicly criticize companies in the state.

In Hollywood, the reaction was even more muted before the announcement on Monday.

Ford v. Ferrari director James Mangold (James Mangold) will be in charge of the next “Indiana Jones” film, but opposes voting restrictions. Tweet: “I don’t want to play there. I’m not telling others what to do.”

Star Wars (Star Wars) actor Mark Hamill tweeted his support for Mangold and used the hashtag # #NoMoreFilmingInGeorgia.

However, due to tax breaks, cost reductions and weather reasons, many major Hollywood works were shot in Peach State, including the Marvel superhero movie, the “Walking Dead” TV series, and multiple projects, such as the huge Taylor Perry studio recently. “Coming 2 America” ​​shot.

Emancipation will make Smith a fugitive from slavery. He sought freedom from the north of Louisiana and experienced a sad journey. His character Peter was inspired by the infamous photos of slaves whose backs were broken by the eyelashes in the plantation, known as the whipping of Peter.

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