Rocky -The new Marvel series premiered on Wednesday at Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar-in some ways different from anything we have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before. Marvel fans will see a similar parallel reality for the first time.In three processes Thor And two The Avengers In the movie, we witnessed Tom Hiddleston’s god of mischief die twice—and in the process grow from a villain to an anti-hero.But Rocky is Rocky He has almost no growth in character, because he was eliminated after his defeat in the Avengers in 2012.

Now, this variant of Loki has learned about his life through a series of holographic tapes of the Time Difference Administration-as we are in Rocky Episode One-What will he do? Will he do different things? Or, no matter what he does, he will eventually face a similar fate? After all, TVA detective Mobius (Owen Wilson) said that Rocky was destined to bring pain, torture, and death, all in order to allow others to achieve the best of themselves?There is a controversy between nature and nurture buried in it Rocky, The series director Kate Heron believes.

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“Our show is about identity, we never know if Rocky will get better or if it will get worse,” Herron said on Zoom. “And I think the core of this show is a real question for me,’is someone really good or bad? Or are we all just in that gray area? I think the interesting thing is also Rocky, He is not Rocky who has experienced this wonderful journey in the MCU for the past 10 years.He didn’t die [Avengers:] Infinite war.This is Loki from [The] The Avengers. I think the exciting thing for me is,’Well, we will take this Rocky at the height of the villain from the Avengers and put him in this brand new environment.

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“He will not be arrested and go to Asgard, and then walk down the path he should have taken. So, will he be the same as before? Will he have a similar journey? I think it’s just from telling a story From a point of view, it’s really interesting to me. It’s just the natural and nurturing aspect of it. It’s like, Rocky is too chaotic, and he’s now in this progressive bureaucratic organization. I’d definitely say one of the whole show The theme is to follow the identity in that gray area. And, not just to Loki, just like everyone in the show. Will our past actions define us forever? Or can we go beyond those? We can grow, how can we grow ?”

Rocky Episode 1 has been aired on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. Rocky Episode 2 will be released globally on June 16th at 12:30 PM Eastern Time / 12 AM Pacific Rocky One episode is broadcast every Wednesday until July 14. in India, Rocky Available in English and Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions will be launched soon.

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