There has been a lot of turmoil in the United States. Just before the presidential election, Big Tech took action and censored a large number of individuals and even competitive social media platforms. In addition, even in the first few days after President Biden took office, social media applications continued to purge dissidents. On January 22, out of our liberal views, Facebook deleted my social media profile and the account of a former colleague.

Anti-war, free market liberals oppose tyranny and censorship

I have been an activist for many years, and a few years ago, Dr. Ron Paul helped me find a liberal. At the time, I was a monarchist who believed in a minimalist government and constitution. However, after going deep into the rabbit hole, reading the photos of Larkin Rose, Lysander Spooner and others, I changed. Six months later, I consider myself an anarchist capitalist. In 2008, I created my Facebook account, and since then, even before I started writing Bitcoin, I have accumulated a large number of followers.

A few years later, from the end of 2011 to 2012, I discovered Bitcoin. Three years later, I decided to write articles about the technology for a certain profession every day. For more than a decade, I have been using Facebook to share the views of libertarians, connect with others and share my Bitcoin articles. Until 2020, everything on the platform really begins to change. The censorship system is conducted regularly, and the company has used a “fact checker” to flag suspected “counterfeit media.” Personally, I have never advocated violence, hatred or anything that truly violates community standards.

Purifying today’s freedom activists: why the censorship of big technology is not just for Trump’s supporters
Prior to the events in Washington, DC throughout the first week of January 2020, Big Tech reviewed many objections and certain views on Covid-19. However, after the violation of the Capitol Building, Big Tech further expanded the focus of its removal work to those who oppose current fascism.

However, I do explain regularly that the government is an immoral entity and that it is based on violence. I am neither a fan of Trump nor a Republican, but I am dissatisfied with Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Obama, Bush and other presidential candidates. Yes, I often tell political followers that they forget to become individuals, but drag the R&D party line and lose all their dignity. Many of the posts I wrote also called for an open economy, letting people decide whether to wear masks, and other topics related to the coronavirus and civil liberties.

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The large-scale technical review not only targets Trump supporters, but anyone who supports free thought and freedom

Then in the first week of the year, after the violation of the Capitol in Washington, DC, I wrote about the incident. My editorial is a severe criticism of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google and Amazon’s decision to censor not only Donald Trump, but hundreds of right-wing supporters, conservatives and liberals. During that time, I also predicted, especially my Facebook (FB) profile will be cut off in due course. That week, I told an old friend in high school that I knew that I would be next in line. After two weeks, my prediction was realized.

Before deleting the account, I managed 15 libertarian-based pages, had nearly 5,000 friend connections, and hosted six cryptocurrency groups. On Friday morning, the account was completely disabled and my FB profile data could not be accessed.

Purifying today’s freedom activists: why the censorship of big technology is not just for Trump’s supporters

Now, this editorial is not a complaint, but a record of more incidents. The purpose is to show that the current big technical review is not only aimed at Trump’s conservatives, but actually anyone who opposes the country. I am not the only one to be purged, because on Friday other like-minded individuals who expressed dissatisfaction with the current oligarchy were also erased by Facebook. Sterlin Lujan, who was a contributor to, was also cleared by Facebook. Just like my experience, we have no reason or opportunity to appeal this decision.

“I woke up in the morning and as usual, I checked my Facebook page,” Lujan explained to me. “It’s still active. I took a break in the bathroom, sitting at my desk, and my account was logged out. I tried to log in again and said that my account was disabled for violating community standards. I tried to appeal the decision, but I received An automated reply stating that I cannot appeal my account. This is not new to me. For several years, I have been reviewing my page and account-related issues with Facebook. As early as 2018, my Facebook The page Psychologic-Anarchist was removed. Lujan added that it has about 50,000 followers and I also manage other vetted pages.

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Purifying today’s freedom activists: why the censorship of big technology is not just for Trump’s supporters

Lu Yang said that many people believe that only “extremists” can get the ban. But in fact, anyone who supports free thought and freedom is involved in the censorship movement. Liberals further emphasized that the moderators and decision makers of these social media platforms want people to copy each other, speak the same clichés, and happily discuss simple things such as the weather.

Lujan emphasized: “My own personal discussions are full of discussions about freedom from government intervention, the importance of privacy and cryptography, and the power of compassion and love, which transform society into voluntary actions. A non-coercive society.” He further added:

In this regard, I did not violate any of the community standards they claimed. Of course, they didn’t bother to point out any “wrong things”. Facebook works closely with other Big Tech social media platforms to weed out people who do not support large government, political correctness, and communist ideas. This is a tragedy, but what is happening represents all the frightening things Orwell recorded in his 1984 book. In contrast, we are actually living in a worse dystopian nightmare.

The ruling elite are terrified of what we might say

At present, the censorship system is curbing the turmoil in the United States, and the overall principles of the censorship system are wrong and immoral. The experience made me agree with Lu Yang’s view that this social system is evolving into a weird dystopian nightmare. He often silences his voice because he speaks freely and does not comply with the propaganda of the nation-state.

Over the years, just a few weeks before the event, I wrote many articles about people migrating to decentralized social media.I still use Twitter, But also moved my social media business to, Flote, Minds,, and Peepeth. This is the best thing I can do and what we can do, just rebuild and migrate to decentralized social media to allow free speech and uncensored discussions.

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Purifying today’s freedom activists: why the censorship of big technology is not just for Trump’s supporters

Regarding the current censorship system in the United States, the worst part is the fact that people (even friends and family) are sitting idly and watching, and no one protests. In fact, many people are becoming defense lawyers in the censorship system and provide excuses for those who oppress. Like Lujan and the others who were purged, I am not a Trump supporter, I only talked about the idea of ​​collective tyranny. However, the reason why I faltered is because I will never succumb to collective tyranny, and I have promised to stick to my principles.

My main goal is to let readers know that this kind of big-tech censorship system is real and that fascism is flourishing in the United States. There is no doubt that the current review agenda will continue, and liberals should be prepared to fight it with the voice we leave behind. As Laurie Halse Anderson once said, “Censorship is a product of fear, a product of ignorance.”

What do you think of my Facebook review experience? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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