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Why Ather Energy, which manufactures electric scooters in India, is committed to developing racing video games

Indian electric scooter manufacturer Ather Energy said on Friday that, like Tesla’s Model S Plaid, if the roads in India are better, they can also install Cyberpunk 2077 on the dashboard. Well, let us explain. After Tesla CEO Elon Musk proved that the new Model S Plaid can run Cyberpunk 2077 on its new infotainment system, Ather’s view on Twitter may be lighter. A day later, Tesla’s CEO Official Elon Musk proved that “Cyberpunk 2077” matches the “level of PlayStation 5”. In response, Arthur wrote on Twitter: “Tesla’s Model S Plaid can run Cyberpunk 2077 on the dashboard. We can do the same, but when you ride on Indian roads, you Already playing GTA”.

This tweet caught people’s attention, and soon many people suggested what Ather could do on the “dashboard” of his scooter. “I have been asking for Netflix for a long time!” wrote a user, @thescreamingdad. And he was not disappointed. What we mean is that the user got a response from the company.

“Weird things have happened before (it may even happen on the dashboard in the future),” Ather replied to the inquiry.

“Next is road rash,” @jhaverinator entered, and the company quickly responded to their own query.

Another user @a_RadicalMind talked about its economic aspects. “The real reason is: Tesla can install 35,000/- of gaming hardware on 1,00,000,000/- of cars. But no one can install 35,000/- of hardware on 1,85,000/- of scooters. That will be 20% of the price of the scooter. If Ather produces 2 million scooters, then the economy will work,” the user wrote.

Ather also prepared a funny reply for this user

After these interactions, and after interacting with several other users on Twitter, Ather said in a subsequent tweet: “Since you really like the idea of ​​Ather + racing game, if this gets 500 retweets, then we Development of this game will begin.”

At the time of writing, this tweet is a long way from getting 500 retweets, but there is speculation that Ather may be seriously considering entering the video game market. Since Ather has almost committed to developing video games, it will be interesting to observe it in the next few days.

At the same time, on Thursday night, Musk said during the presentation that there has never been a car with the most advanced computing technology, “the most advanced infotainment system, it actually reached the level of PlayStation 5.”

“This is true PlayStation 5 performance…Yes, it can run cyberpunk. It has a very high frame rate, reaching 60fps in the most advanced games,” he was quoted in a report by The Verge.

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