Google support staff may also have unusual days. Imagine the problem encountered when contacting the customer service department. The company representative tells you that he also faces the same problem and cannot really solve it. Then, after a period of trial, you managed to save a day for yourself and your company representatives. Too much? Well, this is exactly the experience of Mike Rose, the founder of No More Robots game publishing company, who was locked out of his personal account after performing some “suspicious activities”. Therefore, when Rose sought support from Google, a Google Workspace support director named Daniel told him that since this was a “personal” account and not a “workspace” account, he was of no avail and suggested that Rose write to the Google forum.

Saw Rose said in the screenshot of the conversation he posted on Twitter that it would take a long time to respond, adding that he needs immediate access to his account. But Daniel said he was practically powerless, and he was locked out of his account last month and he has not been able to access since then.

After Daniel said he couldn’t help Rose, the latter continued to try and try to solve the problem by himself. Then he went back to Daniel again and asked if he wanted to know how to access his locked account. Daniel is happy to know this and said he will try again after finishing the work. He was also very happy that Rose was able to solve the problem on his own.

Rose said in one of his tweets: “So if you need help from Google, please contact us. I now support Google support.”

He further stated in a subsequent tweet that “too many” people contacted him to solve the same problem.

Some Twitter users were very happy about the conversation between Rose and Daniel, while some other users were shocked that Google could not actually access their accounts on the platform.

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User David Amador (@DJ_link) wrote: “Even Google employees can’t take back their accounts? What the hell is going on.” Another user José Duarte (@duartejmg) responded that the whole ordeal made him feel “more Safety”.

Another user, my name is Lit Phoenix (@ImTheLitPheonix), said that it was “disturbing” and added that losing access to a Google account does make someone panic. “Support is definitely helpful! So many pictures, emails and saved passwords will be lost forever.” She said, hoping Google would take notice.

See other reactions from other users:

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