Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday that software giant Microsoft is confident that its search product Bing can fill the gap in Australia if Google expands its search to cover the required payments to the media.

Australia has enacted laws that will force Internet giant Google and social media giant Facebook to discuss payments to domestic media that link content to their platforms.

However, large high-tech companies said these laws are not feasible and said last month that if the regulations continue to be implemented, they will withdraw critical services from Australia. According to industry data, these services include Google’s search engine, which has a 94% share of the country’s search market.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella then talked to Morrison about the new rules. On Monday, Morrison said that the software company is ready to expand its search tool Bing ( Bing) status.

Morrison told reporters in Canberra: “I can tell you that Microsoft was very confident when talking to Satya.”

Morrison added: “We only hope that the rules in the digital world are the same as those in the real world and the physical world.”

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed that the discussion has taken place, but declined to comment because the company is not directly involved in the law.

The spokesperson said: “We recognize the importance of a vibrant media sector and public interest journalism in a democratic system, and we recognize the challenges that the media sector has faced over the years by changing business models and consumer preferences.”

Google representatives did not immediately comment on the matter.

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A day ago, Australian Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg said that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asked for a meeting on the law and they had already had a conversation, but He will not reject this modification.

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