WhatsApp is working hard to introduce deep links or special URL links that will open the application under certain circumstances. For example, these deep links will help users easily enable sticker packs. It is said that the wa.me website is running on the latest versions of iOS and Android, but it is not clear how users generate them. These deep links or special URLs act as quick shortcuts, allowing users to view and import sticker packs.

WABetaInfo reports that these deep links are developing the latest WhatsApp beta and stable updates for iOS and Android. These links will allow you to import and download label packs without having to enter the WhatsApp label store. For example, if you wish to download the newly launched sticker pack for COVID-19 vaccination awareness called Vaccines for All, you can easily access the deep link wa.me/stickerpack/VaccinesForAll from your Android or iOS device, and you will see The browser will open WhatsApp and display the sticker pack directly. As mentioned above, it is not clear how to generate these links. Maybe only developers can create this link, but anyone can share them in the future. WABetaInfo stated that these deep links can also be copied and pasted into your WhatsApp messages.

Deep links are especially useful when downloading regional sticker packs. These packages are only available in certain countries/regions and are only used for special events. They are not available in all countries, but using deep links, you can download and import them from any location in the tag library. WABetaInfo has shared multiple deep links for a series of regional packages such as Malvibrosio & Deledina and Pictomigos in Mexico, Cece Cenderawasih, Hantuku, Poci The Bolster Spirit, Simbok Dan Jajanan Pasar in Indonesia, and even cricket match sticker packs. All deep links shared by WABetaInfo can be viewed here.

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The pattern of these links indicates that it can use the following format: https://wa.me/stickerpack/[nameofstickerpack]. WhatsApp’s new universal vaccine sticker pack brings 23 different stickers designed by the World Health Organization. These stickers are designed to allow people to “express joy, peace of mind, and hope that they are satisfied with the possibilities offered by the COVID-19 vaccine.”

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