WhatsApp cooperated with the Public Service Center (CSC) to launch a chatbot for citizens to receive digital literacy services and resources in the country. The purpose of the plan is to bridge the digital divide and promote rural entrepreneurship. Programs such as Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (PMGDISHA) and Digital Beti Initiative will be available in English, Hindi and seven other regional languages.

The partnership between Facebook-owned WhatsApp and CSC aims to enhance the capabilities of rural communities by providing them with digital skills and to create livelihoods by promoting rural entrepreneurship. Given that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has disrupted education and skills development programs across the country, this is being done.

One can send “Namaste” to the official WhatsApp account of CSC Academy via 9999189321 to access detailed information about the course modules of flagship courses such as Digital Beti and PMGDISHA.

Shivnath Thukral, head of public policy for WhatsApp India, said that WhatsApp will continue to invest in partnerships to help entrepreneurs learn new digital skills to promote the development of India.

Tukraal said: “We are very happy to work with CSC to support rural female entrepreneurs and help achieve CSC’s digital literacy goals.” “As more and more of our conversations shifted online during physical evacuation, WhatsApp became The preferred platform for dialogue between companies and customers, governments and citizens.”

According to the press release, CSC’s WhatsApp chatbot has more than 500 unique users, and by August 2021, it is expected that 10 million beneficiaries will use it. The “Digital Betty” program aims to train 5,000 rural entrepreneurs in digital literacy in more than 3,000 villages in 10 states in India, while the PMGDISHA program aims to make at least 40% of rural households digitally literate.

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CSC SPV CEO Dinesh Tyagi said in a statement that PMGDISHA is being implemented by CSCs across the country. “Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the training has been suspended nationwide. The ability to provide digital literacy modules through WhatsApp will help us extend the program to people who are still not covered in rural and urban areas.” Tyagi said. “The partnership will redefine the delivery model of education and skills-related content, especially in rural India.”

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