Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said it was time to drink the tequila.

The celebrity wrestler and movie star stood on the beach, holding Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos). Bezos, wearing sunglasses, smiled and took pictures, and then shared it on “K”. These people just announced a movie deal for Amazon Studios.

Bezos, 57, will resign as CEO of Amazon on Monday. He will continue to serve as executive chairman and the company’s largest shareholder, but his Instagram account shows that he has many other interests to kill time.

A recent post stated that the science fiction fan is planning to go to suborbital space with his best friend and brother Mark this month. In another photo, Bezos is driving an electric pickup truck made by Amazon-funded startup Rivian. He wears a cowboy hat and travels through the desert to land in the rocket capsule.

The Last Frontier has been beckoning to Bezos, who invested billions of dollars in his company Blue Origin to promote space tourism and infrastructure construction. The joint venture’s first manned flight will set sail on July 20, less than two weeks after Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic began a new era of extraterrestrial travel.

Bezos left Andy Jassy, ​​the former head of cloud computing at Amazon, to run a larger and more valuable company than ever before. It is not clear how Bezos will govern on the sidelines.

Bezos is a hedge fund executive who later became a garage entrepreneur. He has long defined Amazon’s culture through business mottos such as “customer first” and “being spine; disagree and promise” and send to his team. Is a short email with only a question mark on it.

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Neither Amazon nor Bezos responded to requests for comment.

Bezos said in a letter to investors in April that as executive chairman, he will focus on new initiatives and make Amazon a better place to work. Prior to this, employees felt frustrated after the failure of the union movement in Alabama.

However, his Instagram highlights his interest in Tinsel Town. Bezos published news about Amazon Studios’ Oscar and Golden Globe Awards. At his last annual meeting as CEO, he talked about reimagining the 21st century screen hero through Amazon’s acquisition of MGM. .

(According to Bloomberg News, no yacht longer than a football field appeared on his Instagram. It is reported that Bezos owns this yacht. Once completed, it will be equipped with an auxiliary yacht and helipad. His partner Lao Lauren Sanchez is a helicopter pilot.)

Bezos also met with public officials to draw attention to his philanthropy. His post showed that he discussed his climate efforts with French President Emmanuel Macron and asked Washington Governor Jay Insley to visit a homeless shelter.

He also had a great time with music stars Katy Perry, Lil Nas X and Lizzo.

He posted on the 2020 Super Bowl: “I just performed a DNA test and it turns out that I am 100% of @lizzobeeating’s biggest fan.”

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