Watchdog: Ubisoft recently joined the “hack the world” “watchdog” franchise legion that has been hacked. It is said that the source code of the game has been leaked by a ransomware group called Egregor, but it is not clear what data was leaked. According to the report, Ubisoft was aware of the hacker’s request and is investigating the vulnerability. In addition, the ransomware organization also claimed to violate the security of another video game developer Crytek. It is not clear what Egregor’s needs are.

According to the ZDNet report, it began in October when Egregor had data breaches at Ubisoft and Crytek. At the time, hackers claimed that they had published data about “Watchdogs: Legion” on their dark portal. They also leaked 20MB of Ubisoft data and 300MB of Crytek data. According to reports, Egregor asked Ubisoft to contact them in case of violations, but it seems that the company did not respond. According to reports, the hacker said: “In case Ubisoft is unable to contact us, we will begin to release the source code of the upcoming Watch Dogs and its engine.”

Now, a new report from Rock Paper Shotgun states that the source code of “Watchdogs: Legion” (review) has been leaked, including 558GB of data on file sharing sites. Egregor mocked Ubisoft’s security and said: “We found the source code in the free access to the main network. The password in the doc file is not protected at all, all employees and developers’ data and personal information, contracts, game engines, etc. Wait.”

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The report also mentioned that Ubisoft has issued a statement acknowledging the claims of the ransomware organization and is investigating “potential data security incidents.”

Watchdogs: Legion was released last week, and for developers who have to do their best to resolve the vulnerability, this data breach is at a critical moment. It is not clear whether Ubisoft has contacted Egregor or whether the leaked data is still accessible. In addition, since Egregor is reported to have encrypted the company’s files, there is no information about whether Crytek can resolve this data breach.

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