A surreal video tape from 1984 has been all the rage. It illustrates how far the relationship between mankind and technology has developed. Today, it takes less than a minute to log in to our account and send or check emails. But have you ever wondered what it was like 35 years ago. This is cumbersome, the equipment is huge and the process of accessing mail is long. The video features one of the first notebook computers and a large acoustic modem similar to a telephone handset.

Journalist Jon Erlichman posted a two-minute video on Twitter. It shows a British man traveling on a train in Japan, trying to use a large modem to receive messages from his home over the phone.

It shows the person walking on the telephone line and connecting the modem to both ends of the telephone receiver, but then he realizes that the telephone on the train is a public telephone, and he does not have enough change to make international calls in the UK. He said: “We need to put a bag of money here.”

The person added that even when testing the line, it was too noisy for this particular modem. Then, the video was clipped to a Japanese hotel room where the man sat by the phone and tried again. He said, “Maybe (this time) I will be lucky,” he started calling London. After the call is over, he will dial and wait for the computer to emit a prompt tone. “Yes, there. We have a good connection here.”

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The man immediately plugged the modem “very firmly” into the receiver, and the laptop sent an electronic text message while talking directly to the computer in London, thereby establishing a connection. The man dialed his 10-digit account number, then dialed his personal ID, and then “dialed out the information.”

Since its release, it has received more than 22,000 likes. Many people also commented on the video, some of which are reminiscent of “easier time”.

The clip is excerpted from the computer-themed series database of Thames TV broadcast on June 7, 1984. The host of the show is Tony Bastable, one of the original hosts of the children’s magazine show “Hi P”, according to the “Daily Mail” report. .

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