In some ways, WandaVision Episode 8 (launched on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar on February 26) is the least needed episode in the series. From a narrative point of view, the Marvel Cinematic Universe series did not appear in the eighth episode of WandaVision. It is all dedicated to the past, mainly the work of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), and the early work of our WandaVision villain Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn). She herself last week. When Agatha forced Wanda to travel through the latter’s life, we could not see any new details from any flashbacks. It mainly provides answers that we have or may have guessed. However, the place where WandaVision’s 8th episode is preserved is how it reproduces the past and presents some exciting moments.

You can also see WandaVision Episode 8-titled “Previously Above”, directed by Matt Shakman and written by Laura Donney-is an episode designed for people who have never seen anything on Wanda Maximoff. From this perspective, WandaVision Episode 8 is very important because it provides that audience with a comprehensive background for one of our title characters. For everyone else, this is the dramatic side of Shakman (he directed the plot of “Game of Thrones,” after all), and this is another show of Olsen’s performance.

WandaVision episode 8, dedicated to the past plot-just look at the title that is usually reserved for the summary you see at the beginning of the plot to take us into the past. It began in the late 17th century (1693 to be precise) and is located in Salem, Massachusetts. If you know something about American history (this is the Salem Witch Trial), then you already know where this is going. Miracles can perform supernatural rotations on it, and witches are actually witches-they have superpowers. Agatha (the witch) was sentenced to death. She accused Agatha of practicing magic, which was beyond her rank and status. Agatha played for a minute, just like she was on WandaVision, all dumb, claiming that she didn’t know what they were talking about.

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But Agatha quickly changed her style, and when her lips smirked, she declared that she had not violated any rules-they just succumbed to power. It’s Agatha we met in episode 7 of WandaVision. The leader of the witch gave the order that she is Agatha’s mother-identified as Evanora Harkness (Kate Forbes) in WandaVision Episode 8. Her witches began to recite the spell, then released the blue magic, locking it on Agatha, causing her to scream in pain. But her screams soon ceased to resemble screams. The blue magic rope that drained her lifeline began to turn purple (that’s the color of Agatha, if you remember) because Agatha reversed the spell and knocked down her killer.

With only the mother leaving, Agatha assured her that if she was trained, she would be fine, but Evanora did not believe her. When she raised her head into the air to attack Agatha, a blue crown appeared on Ivanola’s forehead. Agatha was surprised at first, but she quickly defeated her mother, just like everyone else, consuming her life. Then, Agatha lifted herself into the air, leaving behind a cloud of purple smoke.

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Kate Forbes (Kate Forbes) plays Evanora Harkness in WandaVision Episode 8
Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios

Cut to where we stopped in WandaVision episode 7 (before the post-loan phase), Wanda was trapped in Agatha’s basement. Agatha revealed that she has been studying for many years-it seems to be more than 300 years old (if anyone counts)-but she has never seen the magic of the Westview Hex scale. Agatha felt its creativity when Wanda created it, and in order for Wanda to do it, she infiltrated it. But Wanda is very happy to lead his family life. This is why she made a fake version of Wanda’s late brother Evan Peters, or called him “Fietro” by her, so that he was refreshed and hoped that Wanda could tell Fietro what she could use. .

Agatha revealed that she could not obtain the real Petro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) because his body was on another continent. This is an example of how WandaVision Episode 8 became a Wikipedia collection. It provides answers to questions asked by fans, but most of them are questions that do not need to be answered.

In any case, now Wanda has placed herself in Agatha’s basement-it is protected by a bunch of spells that prohibit Wanda from using its power, because Agatha has set the rules in that space-she can finally use Wanda’s thoughts To discover the seemingly infinite power of her true source. Agatha made the fourth joke that broke the wall, telling Wanda that it’s “time for a real replay”, and he was referring to how Wanda had done “Wanda Vision” in the past. The plot reshapes the American sitcom for decades.

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We started in Sokovia, when Wanda’s parents Ilana Kohanchi and Olek Maximoff (Daniyar) were still alive. When Dad walked in, he opened a suitcase with copies of American sitcoms such as “I Love Lucy”, “Confusion”, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and “Malcolm in the Middle.” All of these are sources of inspiration for WandaVision. He will sell them tomorrow, but the whole family has many viewing options on TV night. A young Wanda (Michaela Russell) chose the Dick Van Dyke Show (Dick Van Dyke Show) season two, episode 21, prompting her brother Peter (Gabriel Gurevich) to chant again. When the family sat down to watch the episode, we saw the exact scene suitable for episode 2 of WandaVision.

When the missile strikes the Maksimov family and destroys almost everything in sight, the moment of happiness is shortened. Wanda’s parents are nowhere to be found, and since the MCU has told us before that they were killed in similar strikes, it is clear what happened. We have told this story to us in the movie, although casual fans may not remember it. Wanda and Pietro survived miraculously. When they hid under certain furniture, another missile labeled “Stark Industries” landed in front of them. This explains why Iron Man appeared in Sokovia in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” with such strong feelings. But Agatha did not get the answer, because the missile never exploded, so Wanda did not do any magic.

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Wandavision episode 8 young Pietro wanda wandavision episode 8 review

Gabriel Gurevich (Gabriel Gurevich) as Pietro Maximof, Michaela Russell (Michaela Russell) as Wanda Maximoff
Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios

This will be obvious to miracle fans who know the source of Wanda’s power. This is the result of Agatha and Wanda in the HYDRA laboratory next. This scene was obviously set before the post-credit scene of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. As a volunteer, Wanda has yet to experiment with the Mind Stone in the ghost zone of Loki. Agatha questioned why she signed to work for an “anti-liberal terrorist organization” and Wanda replied that they (meaning Pietro and her) just wanted to change the world. Wanda’s interaction with the infinite stone that did not appear in the video confuses scientists. Agatha now knows where everything started, but she still doesn’t know how to successfully create Westview, which led them to move on.

In Captain America: Civil War, the third door leads to the Avengers. Pietro is dead (this happened in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”), and Wanda is dealing with grief in a lonely new country. The sight (Paul Bettany) walking (or more precisely in the buoy on the wall) is currently his awkward social self. He tried to talk about Pietro to comfort Wanda, but she said that the talk was not helpful at all. The only way she can find solace is whether she can see Pietro again. Again, this is not a scene that can provide us with any new information, but it is still a very beautiful scene brought by Olsen and Bettany.

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For today’s Wanda, this is even more painful because she will continue to lose her eyesight. Wanda was tired of this sad journey, but Agatha reminded Wanda of the Avengers (Avengers): Endgame-just want to make Vision feel after coming back, press the button.

WandaVision Episode 8 takes us to the SWORD headquarters, Wanda asks to see Vision’s body so that she can give him a proper funeral. But SWORD and its acting director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) had no intention of letting her do this. For Wanda, he is her last family member. But for everyone else, vision is a $3 billion asset and the most advanced sensory weapon ever. Hayward couldn’t let Wanda take him away, but he was happy to let her say goodbye from three stories high. He also hinted at the fact that Wanda has the ability to make him go online again, and then correct himself by saying “rebirth.” All this angered Wanda, who smashed the glass in front of her and landed next to the visually dissected body. She put her hand on his (lost) forehead, and when she cried, she revealed that she could not feel him. Her eyesight had disappeared, and there was nothing she could do to bring him back.

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Wandavision episode 8 visual agency wandavision episode 8 review

Elizabeth Olsen (Elizabeth Olsen) as Wanda Maximoff, with the body of Vision in WandaVision episode 8
Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios

Moreover, unlike what we said before on WandaVision, Wanda will not steal Vision’s body. Instead, she just went out and drove away. Soon, she entered the sleepy suburban town of Westside, New Jersey, where WandaVision episode 8 once again provided us with unnecessary answers because it showed us the 16th that was trapped in Wanda’s manufacturing. The real version of the people in the system. Their neighbor, David Payton, just walked around the town, and Mrs. Hart (Debra Jo Rupp) and visual colleague Norm (Asif) in the opening episode Ali (Asif Ali)). They all live a life.

Then Wanda stopped in a clearing before seeing Vision leave her property certificate. Obviously, these two people plan to settle in Westview, not because of “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame,” but because life is now impossible. still is? Wanda collapsed in grief, and it was obvious that she couldn’t stand it anymore. This caused her magic to gush from her, build the house from scratch, then walk through Westview, and convert it into the 1950s version introduced in WandaVision Episode 1. , Once and for all confirm how Vision is “reborn”. This may be the only answer I think is out of reach in WandaVision Episode 8.

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In this way, we are back to today, an applauding Agatha broke Wanda’s curse, showing that they are standing in a sitcom scene. Then, Wanda heard the twins’ crying and sprinted to find the floating Agatha-the super villain in her is best-on the necks of Tommy (Jett Klyne) and Billy (Julian Hilliard) There are two supernatural nooses. Agatha said that what Wanda has been doing is called “Chaos Magic”, which makes her a “Scarlet Witch”-this may be the first time Wanda has been quoted by the name of a comic book on the MCU.

Just like last week, technically, this is not the end. WandaVision episode 8 has a scene in the film, which is based on Hayward’s “ready to launch” moment from WandaVision episode 7. It reveals that SWORD was discovered to enable Vision (he is blue now, what the hell) is reborn with the help of Wanda herself, using the magic she used on the drone Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) that she sent a few episodes ago energy. This also confirmed Hayward’s false claim that Wanda stole Vision’s body, because they have always been like this. What is he still lying about? Given that there is only one episode left-the finale of the WandaVision series on March 5th-we know it now.

WandaVision episode 8 is now available on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. New episodes are released every Friday (U.S. Standard Time) 1:30 PM / 12 AM Pacific Time.