WandaVision Episode 7 brought the first post-loan scene of the MCU series, ending the resistance to Marvel’s staple food after six episodes. Of course, this is more because not all plots need the scene at the beginning of the filming. Marvel Studios has found a different route for the bonus moment with fake ads in every episode of WandaVision. But for the seventh episode of WandaVision, considering that the opposition would have been introduced, some dramatic things could have been avoided, so it makes sense to have a post-credit scene.

WandaVision Episode 7 Review: The Magic Duo

Spoilers for WandaVision Episode 7 “Break Through the Fourth Wall”.

WandaVision Episode 7 Award Scene

WandaVision’s latest episode ends with a lair in the basement. Nosy neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) reveals to Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) that her real name is Agatha Harkness-she also has magical powers. This is something that Marvel fans have talked about before, but because of her lack of participation, many people think it is a red herring. Unfortunately, this has always been the case. Agatha’s eyes turned a devilish purple, and then she seemed to take over Wanda’s mind, who also turned purple.

Then, episode 7 of WandaVision showed us the events of the first 6 episodes from Agatha’s perspective. Agatha can fly because we saw her land in Westview and changed her clothes to fit the 50s style of WandaVision episode 1. The words “Agatha All Always” appeared on the screen, while the song of the same name played in the background. Although WandaVision previously told us that the MCU series of events are all in charge of Wanda, WandaVision episode 7 is now considered to be Agatha.

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Including the trouble with the magic show from WandaVision Episode 2, their other neighbor Herb (David Payton) in WandaVision Episode 3 Cuckoo, and WandaVision Episode 5 introduces Pietro Maximoff (Evan Peters), how she (pretends) and Vision ( Paul Bettany was in WandaVision episode 6, and Wanda’s fourth wall was broken in WandaVision episode 7. All this was done by Agatha.

Kathryn Hahn plays Agatha Harkness in WandaVision Episode 7
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

The “Agatha All Always” song montage ends with Agatha, indicating that she is also responsible for Sparky’s death-the dog in episode 5 of Tommy and Billy’s “WandaVision”-before laughing like her super villain.

As with all previous WandaVision plots, WandaVision episode 7 is cut into “Please Stand By”, indicating that the plot is over. But that is not the case. A few minutes after the WandaVision title card fell, we returned to Westview. Monica Rambo (Teyonah Parris) had a heated conversation with Wanda before being tempted by Agnes, and she arrived at Agnes’s house to look for Wanda. She didn’t see anyone in the front, so she went to the back of the house.

There, she flipped through the back door and tried to open it. Then Monica turned her attention to the cellar door. When she pulled it away, she found the roots of the tree, and purple energy began to grow from the basement. This is similar to what Wanda saw when he walked into Agatha’s lair in episode 7 of WandaVision, with vine-like roots and branches growing at the entrance of the latter. Monica’s eyes immediately began to turn purple instead of blue, as they did earlier in the episode when they acquired the superpower, indicating that she has fallen under Agnes’s control.

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It was then that Monica was taken aback by Peter Maximov (Evan Peters), who disappeared in all episodes of WandaVision episode 7. He said: ” Snoopers will snoop.” Then Monica faced Pietro, showing her purple eyes, and we cut into black. If Monica is the same as Wanda, it is also Agatha’s curse, it is based on Vision and Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings). Dennings)) to help them. Of course, since this is the first time we have seen Agatha, we don’t even know what Agatha’s spell means. Pietro seems to be bidding for Agatha, so there is another question about who he is.

WandaVision episode 7 is now available on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. WandaVision Episode 8 will be released on February 26 (Pacific Standard Time) at 12 am/1:30 pm PST.