WandaVision Episode 2 and WandaVision Episode 1 are released on the same day. Only after you watch it, you will know why Disney and Marvel Studios decided to release two episodes to premiere the MCU series. Although the first episode of WandaVision avoids giving us any clues about the actual situation-how about the return of Vision (Paul Bettany) and why are they included in the classic black and white sitcoms? — Episode 2 of WandaVision begins to provide us with clues about the actual situation. To be fair, it is still rare, but we now have some understanding of what might happen. Or at least, if we allow ourselves to speculate, we will outline the underlying situation.

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The 29-minute WandaVision episode 2-directed by Matt Shakman and written by Gretchen Enders-there was a cold voice, and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) was awakened by a loud noise. She turned on the light with her mind, then looked away, which turned the light off. After a few occurrences, Vision will wake up, turn on the light manually, and then look out the window. Vision said that all he saw was his wife’s beautiful rose bushes. Wanda responded: “That’s it, are you using a night vision goggles?” The vision made sure that everything was fine for her, but when the strange sound repeated, he jumped onto the bed and pulled the blanket to his face.

Then, Vision gave a speech and he said that he heard people around him talking about some “ne-er-do-wells”. Wanda pointed out that they may also be talking about them. After all, they are far from normal. The voice repeated again, and what frightened her was that Wanda pulled their separate beds together. Then Wanda decided to open the curtain with his fingers and see for himself. To their surprise, only some branches hit the window. Both Wanda and Vision breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing the beds together, Vision’s thoughts turned to other things, and the two jumped under the sheets.

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The second episode of WandaVision cuts into the title sequence, animates their daily family activities, adds some practical jokes, and is mainly an instrumental theme song. The only lyrics are “WandaVision”. It is said that the frozen duo of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez is behind all WandaVision theme songs.

Paul Bettany as Vision and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision Episode 2
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

In the morning, Wanda and Sight rehearsed a magic show. They do not involve the true magic that they can form, but the type of forgery we are used to seeing. As Wanda said: “In a real magic show, everything is fake.” The fake magic allowed both of them to play, and Olson showed her best fake impressive face. Vision’s idea is not so ideal, but Wanda reminded him that participating in local fundraising activities is their neighbor’s responsibility. In addition, it gives them a chance to appear normal. “This is our current home, and I hope we can adapt to it.” Wanda added, which shows that she may convince herself while convincing Vision what she wants.

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Then, Vision left the community visit meeting held at the public library, and Wanda was about to join the fundraising plan committee. But before she left, she heard strange sounds again. Shocked, she ventured out of the house to find the source, and found a miniature red toy helicopter in the bushes. The operation word here is “red”. This is the first real splash of color on WandaVision. When Wanda was learning about helicopters, she encountered a symbol with an inverted cross on it. This is not what we have seen in MCU before (I don’t know anyway), but as we move forward, it will definitely have more significance on WandaVision.

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Just then, Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) appeared and shocked Wanda again. On the way to the meeting, Agnes told Wanda that it is vital to be a good helper for Emma Caulfield Ford. Dotti is the local queen of the dead end and the self-appointed leader of the committee. Wanda’s audition was not smooth. First, when she was chatting with another woman, Dottie told her not to talk to other people while speaking. Later, Dotti said that the fundraising event was “for the children” and was only repeated unanimously for everyone else present, as if they were part of a cult. Wanda tried to catch up, but repeated this for a few seconds, until after everyone, it seemed to annoy Dotti again.

On the planning committee, Wanda also met Geraldine (Teyonah Parris), the other woman mentioned above. For those who have been following their Marvel news, this will be a clue to the true nature of WandaVision.Parris is officially signed to play Monica Rambeau, an adult version of an 11-year-old girl we met in the United States Captain Marvel, She helped the nominal superhero choose her iconic red and blue costume color. This may mean that “Geraldine” is a pseudonym, and Monica has hidden her true identity for unknown reasons.

wandavision episode 2 magic wandavision episode 2

Paul Bettany as Vision and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision Episode 2
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

At the same time, Vision participated in a neighborhood observation meeting at the Westview Public Library. It turns out that this is actually the place where men meet and gossip. Jac Schaeffer, the creator of WandaVision, clearly pointed out that making fun of gender stereotypes and gender roles from the beginning is another example. Sight accepted a piece of gum that looked normal, but after someone slapped him at the joke, he eventually swallowed the gum. The sequence of the animation shows that it starts to make his internal structure sticky. This may make Vision appear very low-fidelity when he is not there, but since this happens in the world of sitcoms, you must be more tolerant of the logic involved.

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After returning to the planning committee, Wanda worked hard to help Dottie gain a foothold and clean up. Dottie said that she had heard about Wanda and her husband. Wanda replied: “I don’t know what you heard, but I don’t mean anyone was hurt.” Dottie said she didn’t believe her, just because their voice disappeared on the radio next to them and a song was in them There was an explosion on the radio next to it. (This is “Help Me Rhonda” by The Beach Boys. This is the first sign that we have entered the 60s.) This seems to totally disturb Dottie. Not only did she want to know who it was, she even asked Wanda: “Who are you?”

WandaVision episode 2 also includes a fake advertisement. This is about a watch made by a company called Strucker. The voiceover claims that a man is incomplete without two things: his special lady and the Strucker watch. Then add “He will make time for you” as the slogan, and at the same time, we heard an ominous ticking sound, and the ticking sound quickly rang before the end of the advertisement. There is also the word “Hydra” on the dial of the watch, which is the evil organization Cap encountered. And, if you remember, Wolfgang von Strucker is one of the leaders of Hydra, and his experiments created Wanda as we know it.

A strange voice came from the song, saying: “Who is doing this to you, Wanda?” and continued to repeat Wanda’s name. As the lens gradually increased, the camera became Dutch in WandaVision Episode 2, and Wanda’s face was full of confusion and terror. Dottie smashed the glass she was holding, then cut it open herself, red blood oozing out, incompatible with the black and white appearance of the series. Wanda handed her a white napkin to wipe off the blood from her body. Even though she covered her hand, Dotti seemed to have moved on from what had just happened.

During the talent show, Vision seemed to be drunk-chewing gum seemed to really affect his abilities-and the concerned Wanda wanted to know what was going on. Unless they don’t have time to figure it out, because it’s time to show themselves. Predictably, it is completely off track. The vision full of fantasy forgets itself and starts to do real magic. He hovered in the air, lifted the heavy piano with one hand, and put on his hat. Wanda was forced to hide from the surprised audience, making him look like he was doing fake magic by tying him to ropes and pulleys, turning the piano into a piece of cardboard, and then using a mirror (not working, but People still believe it).

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In the background, Wanda wants to know why Vision is so strange. She scanned his body and found that the gum had actually blocked his inside, and then pulled it out. They decided to walk towards them when no one was watching, but Dottie found them. To their shock and surprise, she congratulated them for the funniest performance in Westview’s history, and then awarded them the best performance award.

wandavision episode 2 pregnant wandavision episode 2

Paul Bettany as Vision and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision Episode 2
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Wanda and Vision are happy and relieved, just like the dinner party of WandaVision episode 1. Vision pointed out that they can adapt on their own, but Wanda added that they need some modifications. Everything is “for the children”, and Wanda repeats its vision in unison. Wanda got up to make popcorn, but his eyesight stopped and pointed directly at her belly. Wanda is obviously pregnant. what? how about it? Did she just say “for the children” to get pregnant? Is this why these words are repeated as sermons in WandaVision Episode 2? Then Wanda wanted to know: “Did this really happen?”

At this moment, the ominous sound from the beginning repeated. When the beekeeper (Zac Henry) came out of a manhole, Wanda and Vision went out. Like us, the vision is confusing, but Wanda seems to be aware of what is happening. She said “no” in a low voice, as if it were an order. Then, WandaVision episode 2 rewinds like one of those old VHS tapes, and then stops at the moment Wanda says “Is this really happening?” There was no ominous sound this time, and the couple kissed. With the withdrawal of Wanda, Vision’s face returned to its original color. Soon, the entire scene transitioned from black and white to color, just like many sitcoms did in the 1960s.

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The last few minutes of WandaVision Episode 2 are the biggest clues we have so far. Putting aside the fact that Wanda can have a vision in some way-maybe she did indeed make it a reality-the old sitcom world we saw in the first two episodes now feels like she was built to protect herself and potential Refuge children. Maybe Wanda is pregnant in the real world. On the other hand, the voice on the radio (“Who is doing this to you, Wanda?”) implies the opposite, indicating that Wanda has fallen into this false world. Their lack of memory also fits this narrative.

As we moved away from Wanda and the visual kiss, the voice on the radio repeated: “Who is doing this to you, Wanda?”

WandaVision Episode 2 is now available on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. New episodes are released every Friday (Eastern Standard Time) at 1:30 PM / 12 AM Pacific Time.