The development of new digital technology has brought new changes to the value proposition of financial products and services. Digital asset management based on distributed ledger technology has opened the door for financial institutions and regulators to disrupt this new trend. Nonetheless, it also opens the door for creating new and innovative opportunities and ways of conducting business.

Who is Wallex?

At the beginning of the technology wave, Simone Mazzuca found a missing part in the gray area of ​​digital asset management, so he founded the revolutionary borderless company Wallex. In order to build Wallex’s legal framework, Mr. Mazzuca elaborated his own views on the various challenges faced by the existing financial services industry, and used distributed ledger technology with his team of experts to create a variety of innovative operating characteristics and function. Innovative functions are clearly visible in the implementation of the company’s structure, which provides a new form of conducting business and providing key advice.

In just one year, Wallex has become a provider of next-generation financial solutions, enabling individuals and businesses to quickly and safely engage in financial business, thereby eliminating regulators’ concerns about national boundaries.

You may ask, who is Wallex? Wallex is a group of financial companies located in Europe, Asia and the United States of America. As a financial institution, Wallex provides asset protection services, including custody services, borderless banking solutions, OTC services, trading platforms, property management, crowdfunding operations, and international licenses for corporate and individual operations, thus providing software and operations service. A platform for anyone willing to bridge traditional and digital banking business. Doing so depends not only on technical capabilities, but also on bank relationships, regulatory licenses, and the company’s strict compliance procedures for anti-money laundering (Anti-Money Laundering Directive No. 5) and your knowledge customer (KYC) procedures proposed by Wallex.

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Wallex has created a decentralized deposit system based on its strong stance in the field of insurance banking and wealth management, which has significantly improved the security level of deposits and doubled the salary of current interest rate accounts. He questioned that by combining the latest technology, Mr. Mazzoka believed it was possible to create a new form of currency, and why it did not exist. This forms the EURST.

Rainbow in the European Grey Area

EURST is a real-time audited asset-backed stable currency, equivalent to the value of 1 euro, guaranteed by the Federal Reserve and Wallex Trust’s own accounts. The token is issued on the Ethereum network and has been established in accordance with the ERC-20 standard. In addition, stable coins enable users to conduct faster and cheaper financial transactions, such as storing funds with trusted custodians, making online payments, and sending money around the world. EURST can quickly and easily trade, and at the same time you can draw the currency value of your own funds. In addition, because transactions are recorded in a digital ledger, EURST is completely transparent and can be audited in real time.

By creating borderless operations, secure asset management capabilities, and the power of reputation licenses, Wallex’s structural knowledge has overcome the current nature and future of the digital movement. Therefore, showing Wallex lighting not only proved to be the new invisible giant, but also opened the door for new organizations.

Introduce ICBA, the International Encryption Business Association. The founder is Mr. Mazzuca, and I can only imagine what kind of association ICBA can bring. This organization acts as a catalyst between the digital and traditional financial world. It provides convenience for understanding how blockchain technology and digital asset management expand people’s understanding of today’s world. In the current structure, ICBA is a very interesting creation.

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All in all, it is clear that the financial and wealth management departments are showing a change that brings a wealth of opportunities for the digital asset management department. What Mr. Mazzuca portrayed in these organizations is the need for a trusted partner who can guide you through the movement, and distributed ledger technology is not a scam.

Now is the time for us to get the clarity we deserve and have the opportunity to extend our financial rights equally. Blockchain technology has been around for a while, and there is a reason for it. Now it’s time to understand the reason, and it seems that Rainbow is the one who will provide us with this technology.

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