Press release. Vulcan Forged has obtained the intellectual property rights of several artists’ works, bringing fantasy-themed NFTs into VulcanVerse.

Cardiff, United Kingdom – Blockchain game platform Vulcan Forge Intellectual Property (IP) rights to works in the Frank Frazetta art collection have been acquired. The team plans to use these rights to create and distribute fantasy-themed non-fungible tokens (NFT) in Vulcan’s game world, VulcanVerse, brandishing famous works.

Fantasy art meets virtual reality

Among the famous artworks, Frank Frazetta’s “Queen of Egypt”-a painting recently sold for $5.4 million-will be marked for the first time as the NFT-themed “Vulcanite”-Game World The champion. Some original authorized artworks have been sold for millions of dollars worldwide. Most notably, the Vulcan team has obtained the design rights of the so-called “Godfather of Fantasy Art”. Frank Frazerta. Frazer Tower is a world-renowned fantasy and science fiction writer, most famous for his works. Conan the Barbarian illustration. He has become an icon and source of inspiration for contemporary fantasy artists.

How will Vulcan Forged use IP?

The Vulcan team has confirmed that many NFTs that will be launched in VulcanVerse will be minted on the platform’s local blockchain as Vulcanites for the first time. In addition to the digital ownership of the actual artwork, Vulcan Forged users can also use these tokens as champions in VulcanVerse, flagship MMORPG, and other games in the ecosystem.

The current IP license will also allow VulcanVerse to use the characters in the upcoming five game books, making a significant contribution to the profound legend that penetrates the entire ecosystem.

Vulcan Forged forge the future

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VulcanDue to its rapid development speed and growing community of gamers, its gaming ecosystem has always been headline news. Incarnate-a 3D board game with 8,000 champions-is one of many games that will join the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. It will also provide marketing, technical support and a $40,000 development grant Suitable for blockchain games and dapps on the vulcan platform.

In addition, a fantasy trading card game called Berserk was recently launched in VulcanVerse. Players can simulate battles based on the “creatures” associated with each Berserker playing card, or exchange playing cards in the Vulcan ecosystem.This release will include a game 100,000 USD reward For the winner.

Vulcan users will be able to claim a portion soon The previously announced $20 million reward pool Through playing games in the ecosystem or staking the platform’s native token PYR. In fact, PYR was recently listed on the centralized cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, which is the first time it has appeared on the public market. This listing is to support PYR and the wider Vulcan Forged ecosystem, whose market volume to date has exceeded 60 million USD.

Finally, the team launched a fiat crypto ramp to expand payment options for new and existing users, and plans to launch 100 additional games in VulcanVerse before the end of 2021.Recently, the Vulcan Forged team Announce Thanks to the latest collaboration with Network Arkane, the platform will support NFTs created on the Polygon network.

About VulcanVerse

Vulcan Festival It is a virtual world set in the Greco-Roman era. It is a stand-alone game that uses blockchain technology to allow users to truly own their own land and assets. Its detailed story is written by the author of “Fighting Fantasy”, a series of successful single-player role-playing games created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. In addition, the virtual world has complex game tools and multiplayer game functions.

VulcanVerse is based on the blockchain, and the key items in the virtual world exist as NFTs on the specially constructed blockchain. Vulcan’s Berserk can be accessed through a downloadable app recently launched on the Google Play store.

For more information on how to become part of VulcanVerse, please visit their website Here.

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