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Voting is the new home of Paramount+ and Showtime original works

The streaming service owned by Viacom18 announced that Voot Select will be the location for most Paramount+ original works, as well as the exclusive location for all upcoming Showtime original works. Paramount+ has released a TV series that includes the Halo TV series, which is based on the video game franchise of the same name, Frasier’s relaunch (Kelsey Grammer’s return), and the second season of the dark comedy drama ” Why Women Kill.From Showtime, we will see the revival of limited series led by Michael C. Hall-led Dexter, The Ray Donovan film with Liev Schreiber (Liev Schreiber), and the anthology “The First Lady” (The First Lady) about the wife of the President of the United States. The current price of Voot Select is Rs. 499 rupees a year, will eventually be increased to rupees. 99 rupees per month. 999 a year.

The Paramount+ Voting Featured deal does not involve preemptive rights to the drama release. In February, ViacomCBS (which owns Paramount+ and holds 49% of Viacom18) announced that all Paramount Pictures movies (such as “Mission Impossible 7” and “A Quiet Place” Part II) in 2021 will be on its It will be shown on Paramount+ for 45 days on the first day of theaters. This was announced after WarnerMedia’s game-changing announcement last year, which announced that all Warner Bros. movies in 2021 will premiere in theaters and their HBO Max streaming service on the same day. Unfortunately, Voot Select will not release these films in India.

Instead, Paramount Pictures (films released by Viacom18) have existing partnerships with India’s Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. About four to six months after Paramount Pictures was released in theaters, it first arrived at Prime Video. Then six months later, it left Prime Video and went to Netflix.

Can this new deal eventually lead to the launch of Paramount+ in India? Ferzad Palia, head of Voot Select, told Variety Show that these conversations have not even begun: “As Paramount + is promoted globally, we will [need] Make a strategy there and see what decisions we have made for the Indian market. Perhaps in the next three to six months, we will have a better understanding of Paramount+’s entry into the Indian market. If it is a separate service or through Voot Select, these discussions are still ongoing. “

As for the Showtime Voot Select deal, the agreement has existed since last year, and shows such as Your Honor led by Bryan Cranston, the comedy Moonbase 8 and the documentary series “The Reagans” (The Reagans). Aired exclusively on Voot Select. However, due to existing deals (Hotstar signed a contract with Showtime in 2017, when Viacom and CBS have not yet re-merged), all existing Showtime content (such as Twin Peaks, Ray Donovan, Billion Dollars, Shen Mu and Loud Voice) temporarily reserved on Disney + Hotstar. Only when these transactions expire, Voot Select has the opportunity to pick them up.

Voot Select also revealed that in less than a year since its launch, its subscribers have exceeded 1 million, claiming that this makes it the fastest-growing subscription-based Indian streaming service. However, this growth is not achieved on an international scale, but thanks to the reality series Bigg Boss (available on Voot Select before TV) and crime thrillers such as Asur led by Arshad Warsi, and psychological thrillers The Gone. Original works like Game with Arjun, Mathur and Shweta Tripathi, and thewunitunit The Raikar Case.

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