The latest update of the Vivaldi browser brings a new tab management system that can enable two levels of tab bars on the desktop web browser. This new feature is called the “Secondary Tab Stack” and it allows the second level in the tab bar to be used to manage tab groups. The two-level tab stack feature has been introduced with Vivaldi 3.6, which is an additional feature of the compact stack option already provided. In this way, Vivaldi became the first browser to introduce a second-level management tab group in the tab bar.

Vivaldi announced on its blog the new “two-level tab stack” feature, which is activated after you download the latest version 3.6. This feature allows users to expand their tab stack in a new row below the main tab bar. Just click on the stack to do this. The new row allows full-size tabs to be accessed like any other tab, and use the same method to open, close, activate, move, or select tabs in the stack. This is different from the compact tab stacking method, which minimizes the space occupied by these tabs in the browser.

Vivaldi said that the feature is enabled by default, and you can switch between the compact stack and the two-level tab stack by going to Vivaldi Settings> Tabs> Stacked Tabs. Two-tier tab stacking is especially useful for users who want to display their stacked tabs in full size. It can work regardless of the location of the label on the top, bottom or side.

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“The new second layer makes it easy to reorganize the stack or create new tabs in the stack. For example, the “+” button on a new line helps to easily create tabs in the stack. This feature provides normal size options All other advantages of cards, such as easy-to-read page titles, tab notifications, and (if enabled) tab thumbnails. In addition, the two-level tab stack can be locked, which avoids changing the page view when switching between tabs Height and make it easier to create a new stack from any single tab.” Vivaldi explained.

For those who wish to try the two-level tab stack, they must update to Vivaldi 3.6 from the company site.

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