FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards developers and publisher nCore Games are disappointed by PUBG fans’ comment bombs on Google Play, which they think is an unfair comparison. Since its release last week, this action game has achieved initial success, with more than 5 million downloads. But this does not seem to help the action game attract a large number of mobile game players in the country, because its rating and ranking on Google Play dropped significantly just over a week after its official debut.

“This is really unfortunate. nCore Games founder Vishal Gondal said in a telephone interview with Advertisement Shout: “We think this is an Indian studio and we will get people’s support and encouragement. I can understand that we are not five stars, but we are not one star either. I mean, we are now in the middle. “

Soon after its launch, FAU-G received an average rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play. However, the score dropped to 3.2 after a week. It further dropped to 3.0 stars and received hundreds of one-star ratings. At the time of writing, in addition to most of the one-star ratings, FAU-G’s ranking has also dropped from the first place to the 11th place in the Google Play rankings.

The comment bomb seems to come from PUBG fans-they banned the game two days before the release of FAU-G in India and looked forward to replacing PUBG Mobile in India. However, Gundal said that after announcing that their game is completely different from the mobile version of PUBG released by Tencent Games in China, he clearly mentioned it in the media interaction.

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Gundal said: “I don’t know why people do this, what is the motivation behind them.” “But obviously, this is abnormal. Obviously this is an anomaly.”

vishal gondal youtube goqii Vishal Gondal

Vishal Gondal said that the FAU-G censorship bomb was clearly anomalous
Image source: YouTube / GOQii

The sudden drop in ratings did disappoint Gundal, but he asserted that the issue will not affect FAU-G’s roadmap.

He said: “Our plan remains unchanged.”

FAU-G was announced after the PUBG mobile version ban, and the names of the two games are also similar. We want to know if the company regrets the similarities now, but Gundal emphasized that PUBG has not affected the FAU-G plan.

“The idea was to make a soldier Fuji [in Hindi]”,” he said. “This is the most common word in India. Therefore, the idea is to play the role of a soldier. It just rhymes with PUBG. It’s not that we are the same person. “

This is not the first time an app or game has seen a comment explosion on Google Play. Last year, TikTok faced a similar sudden rating drop, and the most recent such incident occurred in the stock trading app Robinhood. In both cases, Google began to use its comment posting policy to delete negative comments, which does not allow large-scale attacks on one-star ratings. However, this is not the case for FAU-G.

Gundal said that nCore Games has sent a letter to Google on the matter, although it has not yet received a response.

When we specifically asked for nCore Games’ request, a Google spokesperson gave a general response in an email, stating: “The Play Store rating enables users to provide useful feedback about their apps and content experience, thereby enabling Others benefit. A wise decision. When we learn about spam abuse, we will review and take corrective actions to remove inappropriate ratings and comments.”

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FAU-G has also made its debut on the global market a few days after being dominated by India. Gundal said that global distribution may increase ratings.

He said: “That’s why we want to release the game globally, because we want to see if it is only released in India, or people in other countries can do the same.” He added that the global release was planned before the bomb review. in. event.

“This is David’s battle with the giants”
Some user reviews on Google Play wrote that the experience on FAU-G is inconsistent with their experience on PUBG Mobile. Some publications, including our own reviews, noted that it is not yet complete when reviewing the game.

Gundal responded to this feedback, saying that FAU-G has just debuted but is still in its first version. He also added that although he did not provide a specific timeline for these updates, the game will definitely receive a new update with a list of improvements and new features. However, he guarantees that the game will be updated at least once a month.

“Just think about it [the fact] People compare us to a multi-billion dollar company. “He said. “This is a contest between David and Goliath. Unfortunately, at this time, everyone is supporting Goliath, not David. “

The team of developers behind FAU-G plans to continue to improve existing experience to help improve ratings. Few of the planned updates are designed to bring the Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode and Battle Royale mode that are available on PUBG and other similar action games. The iOS version of FAU-G is also under development, although Gondal stated that the first priority is Android.

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He said: “I think in the next six to eight months, we will see most of the features will be launched on FAU-G.”

The original version of FAU-G was based on the skirmish in the Galvan Valley between Indian and Chinese forces in June last year. It is a combat based on fighting tactics, focusing on fighter mechanics, which limits the gameplay to a certain extent.

But in any case, Gundal told Advertisement Shout that there will be new themes in the future, as well as guns and other weapons.

He said: “We will not stick to the Galvan Valley.” “India has many problems with our borders. So, I mean there may be many things.”

Having said that, it is said that nCore Games has no plans to conduct any paid promotions.

Gundal said: “We don’t want to spend any money to improve our image, or say good or bad to us.” “Your views on FAU-G are organic. Both good videos and good comments are organic. Yes, whether it is a bad video or a bad comment, we think it is organic.”

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