Press release. VIC Rewards CEO Dr. Richard Satur and XcelTrip CEO Gyanendra Khadka are collaborating to raise funds from the original Wellness and Vitality digital space in ASEAN, India and Korea; before they enter the global medical tourism market.

XcelTrip has more than 2.4 million hotels and more than 450 flights worldwide, and is already an impressive online travel OTA platform. On the other hand, the VIC award program has also established a huge influence in the ASEAN region. The company expects that through its VIC market, by 2021, it will recruit more than 500 merchants in the areas of health, happiness, anti-aging and vitality products and services. In response to health and medical tourism opportunities in ASEAN, South Korea and India, the XcelTrip and VIC markets will be integrated. Their partnership will enable consumers to book flights and accommodations, and receive enhanced Vitality packages with other customized health products and services.

“The total population of India, South Korea and the ASEAN region exceeds 2 billion. That is a quarter of the world’s population! Zion Market Research predicts that by the end of 2024, the global medical tourism market will generate about 28 billion U.S. dollars Income. Of the estimated 11 million global medical consumers, nearly one-third currently only travel to Southeast Asia. South Korea is also one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world. As of 2018, the number of patients who visited South Korea has accumulated The number has exceeded 2 million, and medical services are becoming increasingly popular. According to the Indian Ministry of Tourism, India’s medical tourism industry may grow by 200% to 9 billion US dollars by 2020. For the XcelTrip and VIC markets, this is a huge market opportunity With the shared vision of leveraging blockchain and AI to provide consumers with greater transparency, opportunities and rewards, XcelTrip and VIC Marketplace are in a good position to attract a large number of consumers to participate in their combined digital medical tourism products.” Richard · Satuer (Richard Satur).

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“We have a wide range of market solutions. XcelTrip offers more than 50 categories and more than 20,000 products. Now, with the help of VIC Marketplace, we can provide greater consumer value. Vitality packages include flights, accommodation, and healthcare products and services. Imagine In one click, you can customize a package that specifically meets your schedule, budget, requirements, healthcare goals and goals. This is a powerful message for everyone, no matter where they live in the world. Through us, consumers and Travelers should be able to focus on meeting their needs, not just accepting other generic travel products. Also, imagine that after you travel, the combined platform will be able to provide you with other better opportunities to improve your health Status. Through the use of blockchain technology, the VIC loyalty reward program provides such progress for people all over the world.” Gyanendra Khadka said.

The total number of communities of VIC Rewards and XcelTrip currently exceeds 750,000 and is still growing steadily. The VIC Rewards community is eager to gain loyalty through its healthcare, and XcelTrip and VIC Marketplace will soon allow their hard-earned healthcare loyalty rewards to be used in tailor-made Vitality packages. The combined blockchain solution will enable consumers to take advantage of their healthcare status and become part of the growing community-driven DeFi protocol. This means that consumers can also use their healthcare to provide other DeFi-related products and services, such as insurance, the purchase and leasing of medical equipment, and even loans. Why not! The VIC rewards program firmly believes that consumer healthcare is a valuable asset. In the DeFi environment, their medical conditions should be used to bring them and their families better choices, costs and benefits. Consumers should consider healthcare as valuable as their bank account. From the day of birth, consumers can and should always use healthcare as an asset. Such assets are their assets, and they increase over time, simply because of their existence, and of course the behavior of staying healthy. Consumers’ lives will create value for them.

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The two companies have now begun platform integration to release their Vitality package products online through XcelTrip and VIC Marketplace before the end of 2020. As the world continues to respond to COVID on a global scale, these packages will help bring Vitality opportunities to all consumers. Now, more than ever, people need to cherish and increase vitality. There is a need to provide consumers with platforms and tools that enable them to customize solutions that meet their specific needs. VIC Marketplace and XcelTrip and their combined blockchain platforms, products and services will meet the needs of consumers and allow them to use multiple payment methods to meet their specific budgets.

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