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Vera Gedroits’s 151st birthday was commemorated in Google Doodle.All you have to know

Vera Gedroits will be honored by Google Doodle on the occasion of the 151st birthday on April 19, 2021. This Russian surgeon and professor is both a writer and a poet, and is considered to be one of the first female surgical professors in the world as the first female military doctor in Russia. Google thanks Dr. Gedroits for promoting the development of the medical community when she faced many difficulties.

In its notes detailing the Vera Gedroits graffiti, Google revealed that it is only visible in certain parts of the world: Russia, India, Greece, Italy, Iceland, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Google graffiti shows that the first letter “O” has been replaced with an X-ray image, and the second “O” is Dr. Gedroits himself dressed by the surgeon.

The tech giant also wrote that Dr. Vera Gerdreuz “saved countless through her fearless service and innovations in wartime medicine.” The post also detailed the she began in 1904. During the Russian War, he volunteered to be a surgeon on the train of the Red Cross Hospital. Her technology was adopted as a new standard by the Russian government. “

After serving on the battlefield, Vera Gedroits also served as a surgeon in the Russian royal family before to Kiev. She was hired to teach pediatric surgery at the Kiev Medical College in 1921. Dr. Gedroits was appointed Professor of Surgery at Kiev University in 1929.

She was born in 1870 to Vera Ignatievna Gedroits. She was born to the royal family of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, which was part of the Russian Empire. She left Russia when she was a teenager. Switzerland studies medicine. She returned home in the early 20th century and started a pioneering medical career as a surgeon in a factory hospital.

In addition to his pioneering work in the field of surgery and during the war, Vera Gedroits also wrote many medical papers on nutrition and surgical treatment. Interestingly, academic writing is not her only strength. Dr. Gedreuz has also published many collections of poems and some non-fiction works, including the 1931 memoir “Life”. Her journey experience led her to serve on the lines in 1904.

Gedroits was diagnosed with cancer in 1931 and died in March 1947 at the age of 78.

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