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US President Biden calls for more stimulus measures, with 1 million “additional” payments this week – Economics Bitcoin News

American politicians are once again talking about stimulus measures to increase American jobs and President Biden’s infrastructure plans. Last weekend, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained that Biden will meet with members of the bipartisan Congress on Monday to advance his proposal. According to reports, Biden’s proposed plan may be smaller than the estimated $2.25 trillion.

Biden proposes to reduce the $2.25 trillion “Building a Better America” ​​infrastructure proposal

The US government is talking about creating more stimulus measures to provide jobs and “rebuild a better” America. last Friday, The media was told Joe Biden will meet with bipartisan congressmen to sell his infrastructure proposal. Someone pointed out that Congress will return to Washington and Biden will tell them all about road construction, public housing, transportation and communications plans.

In a meeting with colleagues from both parties, Biden explained that he was “ready to negotiate” and even pointed out that the estimated 2.25 trillion US dollars may be less. “I think everyone admits that we need to substantially increase infrastructure; it will boil down to what we call infrastructure.” Biden said at the time. In addition, Biden also explained that the White House is issuing “state briefings.” Explanation All the infrastructure that this new stimulus might repair.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained that the data displayed “shows the critical necessity of the president’s proposal.” At the same time, according to the recently released research, Americans have begun spending their latest $1,400 Covid stimulus check to pay for necessities.according to Polls, 45% of US citizens have been using the funds to pay monthly expenses. 28% of respondents said that they will save the stimulus plan, while 32% intend to repay their debts. News recently reported data on Mizuho Bank and Harris Poll, showing the number of Americans willing to spend stimulus spending on Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

Goldman Sachs expects Biden to push $3.3 trillion into the U.S. economy

And some people are “Plus” payment, Which means that the stimulus funds will be sent to people who have not received the stimulus payment before the last payment. There are two types of Americans who can cut “top-up” payments, one is those who lose a large amount of income from 2019 to 2020, and the other is citizens who add new dependants in 2020. At the same time, US banks such as Goldman Sachs are expected to introduce the latest stimulus plan. Biden is now proposing, and even more stimulus plans will exceed 2.25 trillion US dollars.

According to a report by analysts at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the team believes that Biden will bring the total approved by Congress to approximately $3.3 trillion. “We hope that Congress will pass most spending later this year, including almost all the’hard infrastructure’ spending proposed by President Biden, as well as most research, manufacturing, and’green’ incentives,” Alec Phillips, Goldman Sachs analyst, write In the notes on Sunday.

However, not all U.S. companies are satisfied with Biden’s stimulus ideas. Many people believe that the tax increase in infrastructure plans has overwhelmed U.S. companies. The Business Roundtable recently launched a multi-million dollar campaign to combat the tax increases mentioned in the $2.25 trillion job and infrastructure stimulus package for President Biden.

What is your view on the latest discussions on the proposed $2.25 trillion infrastructure stimulus plan? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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