Press release. UnoRe, The first decentralized reinsurance platform, now allows retail users to invest in risk. This opportunity is part of the project’s vision to revolutionize the reinsurance industry, which has traditionally been restricted, preventing any major innovations that have been made for hundreds of years.

UnoRe It aims to take measures to alleviate the global disparity between the rich and the poor: a typical millennial generation now has 41% less wealth than adults of the same age in 1989. In contrast, the wealth of the world’s richest 1% is more than twice the total wealth of the 6.9 billion people. More than 90% of everyone else!

The inability to obtain wealth-creating tools such as reinsurance is one reason for this huge inequality-as an industry, reinsurance has always been unique to the wealthiest faction in society, and ordinary investors cannot afford it. Those with large amounts of capital have taken advantage of this reliable asset class to expand their already inflated net assets.

In today’s world of excessively high asset and stock prices, reinsurance portfolios are one of the very few ways that still follow value investing. This approach, promoted by billionaire investor Warren Buffet, involves investing in commodities that are underestimated by basic analysis of returns rather than speculation.

However, due to huge capital and regulatory requirements, the profit potential of the industry has not yet been exploited.

UnoRe Aims to eliminate these absurd investment preconditions, and make the reinsurance industry UnoRe Investor platform. As the first reinsurance platform of its kind, UnoRe By allowing the use of already reliable systems, it will revolutionize the reinsurance industry.

How the platform works:

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in UnoRe For the investor platform, the total required risk capital for any particular insurance product is divided into three risk pools based on risk exposure and return: R1, R2 and R3- These pools can then be used in the following locations UnoRe Vertically for investors to invest their capital. The APY (annual return) of the highest risk/highest return asset pool R1 is much higher than the safest/lowest return asset pool R3; however, the probability of immersing the pool in the pool is less than 5%. This means that even when investing in the most risky asset pool, the actual risk to investors is still minimal.

The platform was originally based on Ethereum (which will soon be migrated to PolkaDot!), and it will reinsure the application of stocks in offline markets in the 90s. UnoRe The plan is to transform “risk” into commodities, where retail investors can invest and obtain considerable profits.

“My experience in this industry makes me very aware of how reinsurance as an investment is heavily exploited in an industry – UnoRe The original intention of the birth was to allow retail investors to enter this impermeable market and make it fully utilize its maximum currency potential.“- Jaskanwar Singh, CEO of UnoRe

UnoRe It will release its IDO on April 28, and together with it, the cryptocurrency community will open the use of the first decentralized reinsurance platform in the cryptocurrency ecosystem!

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