Press release. Unmarshal proudly announces that with the strong investment support of industry leaders, the seed round and private equity financing round have been successfully concluded. A total of US$2.6 million was raised in the seed round and private rounds. After introducing new funds, Unmarshal will focus on building a network of advanced data indexers that can satisfy the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Unmarshal is a multi-chain DeFi data network that facilitates seamless access to data on the blockchain for any type of decentralized application. So far, they have added support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Elrond, PolkaDot, and substrate-based projects (such as StaFi), and in collaboration with Polygon, they are entering the layer 2 network to make it easy for dApp developers Access online applications. Chain data.

Investors have a strong trust in the team, and they believe that Unmarshal will change the rules of the game in this field, thereby creating a strong and dynamic field Web3. Some well-known top investors and similar individuals have contributed to the success.

Venture capitalists who have made investments: Woodstock, Blackedge, GBV, NGC Ventures, SPARK Digital, Particle XYZ, AU21, Amesten, X21, Zokyo, Altonomy, Brilliance Ventures, ExNetwork, AscendEx (formerly

DeFi entrepreneurs and accredited individual investors, including Ravindra Kumar and Philip Arthur Moore (frontier), Sandeep nailwal (formerly Polygon’s Matic Network), Aniketh Jindal (economics), Chaudhari, Denmark ( exchange), Chandresh Aharwar (Unilend Finance), Ran Neuner has pledged to build a large-scale idea Web3 revolution.

With the continuous development of the blockchain field, new chains are added and advanced use cases are combined to solve the inherent problems of existing chains. Therefore, the DeFi ecosystem has been looking for an infrastructure layer to help them obtain reliable information from multiple chains. Context data. Unmarshal is here to fill the gap. It acts as a liaison between blockchain and application developers, indexing data on the chain in an artificial format that can be easily and easily integrated.

“As the DeFi and NFT fields develop at an unprecedented rate, data is exploding and becoming more and more complex. At Unmarshal, we are committed to simplifying complexity and delivering customization in multiple formats (such as APIs, notifications, insights, and analysis) , Rich and decoded information.”

Manohar Kolagondanahalli, CEO of Unmarshal

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“The Unmarshal team would like to express our gratitude to the community and investors for their great support during our driving journey Web3. We will continue to provide investors with reliable partners and strong value creators. We will always be grateful for the great trust you have given us. “

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