RWDSU officials said on Wednesday that the White House and labor associated with the retail, wholesale and department store alliance have discussed the organization’s efforts to establish a union at the Amazon factory in Alabama.

Amazon is the second largest employer in the United after Wal-Mart. There are no unionized in the United States. If workers at the fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama vote for it, they will be the first to join the union.

The last attempt by Amazon employees to unionize was in 2014.

A White House spokesperson declined to comment directly on the work in Alabama. The White House spokesperson said that President Biden supports union organization and collective bargaining, and urged employers not to engage in anti-union campaigns or interfere in organization and negotiation. She also called on employers to hold accountable and increase penalties when they do so.

RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum told Reuters that after the inauguration, he had a dialogue with President Biden’s senior advisers and focused on their efforts to establish the facility in Alabama.

Appelbaum said: “We want to inform the White House that this campaign is ongoing and they will hear about it… We did not make any specific requests.” He added that Biden’s consultants are interested in learning more. Information about the situation. In Alabama.

Appelbaum said that the labor leader “connected to RWDSU” addressed the White House, but he refused to disclose the name of the person with whom he spoke. He also said that another senior Biden adviser has been tracking Alabama’s efforts.

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Appelbaum said: “The large-scale labor movement has shown to the White House that this is an important movement and that it is a top priority.”

On February 8, the National Labor Relations Commission will mail ballots to 5,805 in factories near Birmingham, who will then have seven weeks to decide whether to let RWDSU represent them.

Efforts to win labor leaders’ support for the White House underscore the high risks involved, as Amazon has engaged in the largest labor struggle to date in the United States. The union’s victory may encourage trying to organize in other Amazon factories.

Amazon spokesperson Rachael Lighty (Rachael Lighty) said the company “does not believe that RWDSU represents the views of most of our employees.” Her employees chose to work at Amazon because “We provide some of the best jobs wherever we hire, and we encourage anyone to compare our total compensation, health benefits, and working environment with other companies with similar jobs. Compare.” .

Amazon has long avoided unionization, and it has trained managers to discover organizational activities., a website that advocates for Amazon to avoid unions, warned Bessemer employees, “Why pay nearly US$500 (approximately Rs 36,500) in dues? We cover high salaries, health care, vision and dental benefits for you. “

The COVID pandemic has stimulated the organization of various departments of the company, and the world’s largest online retailer has faced criticism for handling the coronavirus outbreak in its warehouses and other facilities.

As of September, Amazon has reported more than 19,000 COVID-19 cases. The company said it has increased cleaning work, implemented virus tests and temperature checks, and added other measures to protect employees.

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