An Ohio senator used the virtual background of his home office to disguise the fact that he was actually driving while attending a Zoom meeting. Republican Senator Andrew Brenner (Andrew Brenner) has attracted criticism from all quarters because the Ohio Congress introduced a bill banning distracted driving on the same day. Although Brenner tried to use a computer-generated background to show the car as part of the house, the seat belt was still on his chest, the constant movement of his hands and the attention on the left and right were enough to make people call him a bluff.

Later, the senator defended his actions, saying that he was not distracted, and added that he was paying attention to driving and listening to people’s opinions in meetings.

“I held two back-to-back meetings in different locations. In fact, I made other calls while driving, countless calls. In most cases, phone calls are video calls, but I don’t care about video. To me, it’s like a phone call.” He said.

According to the “Guardian” report, at the beginning of the call, the senator was seen sitting in a parked car. A few minutes later, he left the phone and reappeared the wooden cabinet, the paintings on the wall and the house plants in the background.

Brenner continued to listen and answer questions while driving. The background flickered and he caught a glimpse of the road he was driving on.

With House Bill 283, this is exactly what the Ohio Congress wants to punish. The new law proposes to prohibit writing, sending or reading texts, watching videos or taking pictures while driving, real-time streaming, and the use of applications on electronic devices. The new law also provides for holding electronic devices when driving for the first time and allows police to stop.

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Only voice operation or hands-free use are exceptions.

Ohio’s Republican Governor Mike DeWine said last year that the state’s current laws were not enough to change the culture of distracted driving, and people were killed as a result.

DeWine said last year: “Distracted driving is a choice that must be culturally as unacceptable as drunk driving today, and strengthening our current laws will lead to more responsible driving.”

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