The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed new charges against the Lazarus Group, which is funded by the North Korean government. It is alleged that hackers are responsible for stealing more than $1.3 billion in cryptocurrency and statutes during a coordinated cyber robbery.

North Korean hackers also developed and deployed malicious encryption applications

According to the announcement, law enforcement has expanded the accusation against North Korean military hacker Park Jin Hyok because he participated in the hacking of Sony in 2018, deploying Wannacry ransomware attacks and other financial network thefts.

In addition, the new indictment that has not yet been unsealed also mentions Jon Chang Hyo and Kim Il as part of the new measures taken by the Ministry of Justice. The authorities also said that the three hackers belonged to the Reconnaissance Directorate (RGB) of the North Korean Military Intelligence Agency.

Lazarus Group (Lazarus Group) is the code name given to North Korean military hacker groups by the US authorities.

According to the results of counterintelligence investigations, RGB has participated in several encryption-related cybercrimes since 2014 to provide funds to the North Korean regime.

The U.S. Department of Justice mentioned that the Lazarus Group developed a number of malicious encryption applications from March 2018 to at least September 2020. Such applications include Celas Trade Pro, Worldbit-bot, icryptofx, Union Crypto Trader, Kupay Wallet, Coingo Trade, Dorusio, Cryptoneuro Trader and Ants2whale. .

Hackers participated in a 75 million dollar theft case of a Slovenian crypto company

The law enforcement agency revealed a case related to an unknown Slovenian encryption company. According to court documents, hackers participated in the $75 million stolen from the company in December 2017.

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They were also involved in another $24.9 million theft in an encrypted business in September 2018, but this time in Indonesia.

Paul Abbate, Deputy Director of the FBI, commented on the statement of the US Department of Justice:

The FBI works closely with U.S. and foreign partners to continuously target targets, compromises, and cyber thefts for victims around the world. The FBI has made an outstanding and persistent investigation. The FBI continues to impose consequences by arresting mediators, seizing funds and accusing those responsible for hacking conspiracies, and holds North Korea responsible for its cybercrime actions.

In addition, John C. Demers, Assistant Attorney General of the Department of National Security of the Department of Justice, pointed out that the Lazarus Group is now considered “the world’s leading bank robber.”

As recently reported, a UN expert panel stated that North Korea has accumulated $316 million in cryptocurrency from various cyberattacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions.

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