Twitter appears to have started flagging tweets with its “hacked material” warning, which contains links to news articles based on hacked or leaked documents. The update is not brand new, because the Weibo network briefly blocked the link to the New York Post report in October last year, which was allegedly based on the notebook of Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden. Information obtained from the computer. However, after facing public anger, it overturned the original decision. However, Twitter now seems to be rolling out warning labels more widely.

As Mashable initially reported, Twitter added a “hacked material” warning label to tweets published by the independent news site The Grayzone. The label reads: “These materials may have been obtained through hacking.” The social networking platform also introduced a pop-up window in the same tweet, which warned users about “hacked” material issues during retweets, and included A link to the company’s “hacker profile distribution” policy.

Twitter tagged a tweet shared by The Grayzone with a “hacked material” warning

This tweet The problem is that the news was published on February 20 and contained a link based on a hacked and leaked document that allegedly indicated that the BBC and Reuters were involved in a plan made by the British government. It is said that the plan “weakened Russia’s national influence.”

Some users on Twitter shared the same link through their accounts, and these tweets also contained the same warning tags.

In addition to specific links on The Grayzone website, Separate tweet The link that contains the link to the branch in Italy also contains a “hacked material” warning label. The link is a tweet about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, and it was released on January 16. Similarly, another tweet also published a music video of British singer Rick Astley. shared Same label on February 24th.

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At the time of writing this report, Twitter did not respond to requests for comment on this update.

Last year, Twitter blocked a link to a New York Post report that discussed material related to Biden’s laptop. The company initially restricted users to forward and share links to stories, even in direct messages on the platform. However, after facing user criticism for preventing access to news reports, it updated its “hacked data” policy.

“According to this policy, we may tag or apply warning messages in tweets that contain or link to real or synthetic hacked material, and these tweets do not constitute direct distribution,” the updated policy Say.

Twitter also mentions in its policy that “discussions or reports about hacking or hacked materials constitute indirect distribution (unless a person or group directly related to the hacking is responsible for the discussion or report)”, it Will result in a label or warning message.

It is unclear what constitutes “hacked information” and whether Twitter has exceptions to news investigations.

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