A tweet by Fesshole (@fesshole)-a handle for followers to submit an anonymous confession-led many users to share touching images of deceased family and friends found in a Google Maps Street View capture. Users shared screenshots of loved ones they found on Google Maps-time froze.

On June 16, one of these users admitted to looking for images on Google Maps that dated before the death of the user’s father. “I check the photos my father took before his death on Google Maps. So I can walk around in the world where he is still with me,” read the tweet.

In the beginning, I confessed guilt anonymously on Twitter, which evoked a enthusiastic response, and many people shared touching stories of their family and friends. The original tweet has been retweeted more than 450 times, and as of this writing, more than 5000 people have liked it. Soon after, many people shared the moments and memories of their loved ones, who are still on Google Street View.

For example, this tweet from user @seanyboyo shows that his parents walked past a red car hand in hand.

“I can go back to 2009 and see my parents walking on the road holding hands. I lost them 8 and 6 years ago,” the user wrote.

BBC editor Neil Henderson tweeted a photo of his father and wrote: “My father is outside his house; he passed away a few years ago, but he is still here.”

He further tweeted that it is strange that he has hundreds of photos of his father, “but Google Street View affects him very much, as if he is still around.”

User @RockAndBaguette posted a photo of his great-grandmother “taken 13 years ago” and he looks out from the window of the house. He wrote that although his grandmother died in 2013, she “still gossiping outside the window.”

Here are some more touching stories from the same thread:

Bobby Bardsley, a self-proclaimed freelance writer, responded to the original tweet, posting something that can help people find their loved ones easily, even if the street view of a certain location is updated later.

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“If the photo is updated, click on the small clock icon with an arrow, and you can go back to any previous image,” he wrote.

In another tweet, he showed how to do this.