Twitter is testing a new that allows users to get a conversational atmosphere before joining. It was announced today that the Weibo platform is testing new tips on Android and iOS apps. The new “reminder” feature will warn users before they engage in conversations that may become intense. It will appear under certain tweets on the platform so that users can pay attention to it before replies in depth. The social media company also provided examples, showing new prompts that appeared in the middle of the conversation, including “Such a conversation can be intense.”

Twitter announced the news through its official support deal with. “We are testing prompts on Android and iOS. If the meeting you are about to enter may become intense or intense, you can alert in advance,” Twitter said. The company also provided screenshots with examples. “Such a conversation can be intense,” one example shows, while the second one says “Let’s take care of each other.” Three points emphasize the importance of mutual respect and fact-based dialogue, and one points to Twitter rules Quick link.

Twitter’s criteria for deciding which conversations will display prompts may change after the testing phase.Twitter also Said It may consider the subject of the tweet and the relationship between the tweet author and the respondent when displaying the prompt. However, Twitter has not yet shared the launch time of the new feature.

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These tips are the company’s latest to increase social privacy and reduce harassment on the platform. In response to this, Twitter announced last month that it will launch a security that allows users on the platform to temporarily block accounts that use harmful language or send unsolicited responses for 7 days. Once this feature is enabled, Twitter’s system will monitor the content of tweets to assess the possibility of negative participation and the relationship between the author and the respondent. Accounts that interact frequently will not be automatically blocked.

In another initiative, Twitter is focusing on testing new features related to social privacy to allow users to control their follower list. Social privacy tools include detailed information such as a person’s follower list, their favorite tweets, and whether their account is public or private.

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