Twitter introduced the ability to view larger and better images. In the early days, instant messaging platforms used to crop images to fit a specific size, and previews were often misleading. However, the company will stop cropping images and show them in a better preview. The company also recently launched a new COVID-19 SOS resource page in India, which displays some tweets that provide detailed information about necessities such as beds, medications and oxygen in real time.

Twitter Announce Launch larger and better image previews on your own platform. This change has been rolled out for iOS and Android users. In this way, Twitter will no longer crop long images that fit the aesthetics of its interface, but instead provide a useful preview that does not crop the entire part of the photo. These previews will eliminate the need for the user to open the photo and browse it again. Twitter confirmed that images with aspect ratios of 2:1 and 3:4 will be displayed in full.

At the time of writing this article, Advertisement Shout noticed that the image is still cropped on Twitter’s browser version, so this change seems to be reflected only on the iOS and Android apps. Twitter is expected to expand this change to all platforms soon.

With the second wave of COVID-19 sweeping India’s medical infrastructure, Twitter has become a good resource for communities to come together and help each other in this need. To further help users, Twitter has launched the COVID-19 SOS resource page in India, which provides real-time detailed information about necessities such as beds, medications, and oxygen. In addition, users will see a reminder on their timeline that will link to sources from various public health experts on the safety, efficacy and news of COVID-19 vaccination.

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