Twitter India is an independent entity because its parent company Twitter does not have any shares in it, Twitter India managing director Manish Maheshwari claimed in the Karnataka High Court on Thursday.

The opinion was submitted by a judge at the hearing based on Maheshwari’s petition. It challenged the notice issued by the Uttar Pradesh police and asked him to appear in court in person as an investigation into public sensitive videos uploaded by users on the Twitter platform. Part.

Judge G Narendra’s order is expected to be announced on Friday.

When Judge Narendall tried to understand whether Twitter based in the United States could be called the parent company, Maheshwari’s lawyer CV Nagesh said, “Twitter is the parent company. We have nothing to do with (Twitter Inc). It (Twitter India) is an independent company. Organizations and independent institutions.”

When the judge asked about the promoters of Twitter India and its shareholding model, Nagesh said that Twitter India is only an affiliate of Twitter.

The judge then pointed out that there is no such thing as an affiliated company.

Under normal circumstances, it is called a sister company or an associate company, depending on the shareholding situation and the memorandum of association.

In response, Nagesh said: “Let me record that Twitter USA (Inc) does not hold any shares in Twitter India. That is why I submitted it as a completely different entity.”

P Prasanna Kumar, a lawyer for the Ghaziabad police, stated that Twitter will face “the consequences of claiming that they don’t know who Twitter India is”.

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Kumar said: “My instructions are that 99% of the company’s shares are on Twitter.”

Kumar said: “Until today, all colleagues of the petitioner are representing Twitter India and before the central government agency.”

He argued that “unless Twitter Indian officials contact each other”, Twitter’s board of directors. It will not authorize its Twitter India employees to represent central government agencies.

Judge Narendar insisted that the board can authorize anyone.

In the dispute, Nagesh proposed on Friday to record a memo that Twitter USA is not even a shareholder.

When explaining the equity model, he said that Twitter International, headquartered in Ireland, owns 9,999 shares, while Twitter Netherlands owns 1 share.

However, it is Twitter that runs the platform.

The Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) police issued a notice under CrPC Article 41-A on June 21, requesting Maheshwari to report to the Loni Border Police Station at 10:30 am on June 24.

When he lived in Bangalore, Karnataka, he moved to the Karnataka High Court.

On June 24, the High Court prohibited the Ghaziabad police from taking any coercive action against him in an interim order.

Judge Narendar also insisted that if the police wanted to check him, they could do it in a virtual mode.

The Ghaziabad police booked Twitter, Twitter India, the news site The Wire, reporters Mohammed Zubair and Rana Ayyub, as well as Congress leaders Salman Nizami, Maskoor Usmani, Shama Mohamed and writer Saba Naqvi on June 15.

They were booked for circulating a video in which one of the elderly Abdul Shamad Saifi claimed that he was beaten by some young people and they also asked him to chant “Jai Shri Ram”
June 5.

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According to the police, the video was shared to cause riots in the community.