Twitter is expanding its functionality to allow users to decide who can reply to their tweets, even if they are already posted on social media platforms. Twitter users have been able to restrict responses to their tweets, but must make a choice before posting the tweet. Users can limit replies to only users they follow, users mentioned in the tweet, or keep it open to everyone-the last one is the default setting for each tweet. The new settings will be rolled out for Twitter for Android, iOS and the Web.

Through a tweet, Twitter announced the new features it is expanding to users. The Weibo site introduced the option of choosing who can respond to tweets last year. However, as mentioned earlier, it must be done when writing the tweet.Now, even after the tweet is posted, users can click on the three-dot menu on the tweet and select Change who can reply Options. This will guide the user to choose three options- everyone, People you follow, with Only the people you mentioned.

The new feature gives people more control over who can reply to their tweets. The ability to change who can interact with tweets can help Twitter users stay away from potential harassment and trolling. Twitter has not said when the update will be available to all users, but it seems that the rollout process has already begun. Advertisement Shout can independently verify new features. If you haven’t seen the new feature yet, it will most likely arrive in your account soon.

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Twitter users can choose between “Everyone”, “People you follow” and “Only people you mention”

Twitter also showed some concepts that allow users to share their tweets only with “trusted friends”-just like Instagram’s “close friends” feature, which allows users to share stories with selected followers. Twitter is developing another feature called “Facets” that will help them categorize tweets after they are posted. “Facets” will allow users to post multiple tweets with different handles from one account. Currently, users who wish to post the same tweet from multiple handles must switch accounts and post again.

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