Twitter said in a statement that Twitter expanded its policy of prohibiting speech on Wednesday to include “inhuman language based on race, ethnicity and national origin.”

The company banned inhuman speech based on religion or caste last year, and updated the rule in March to add age, disability and illness to the of protected categories.

Part of a coalition of advocacy organizations that have been pushing technology companies to reduce online speech for years, the civil rights organization “Colors of Change” called this change a “necessary concession.”

A Twitter spokeswoman said the company planned from the beginning Add new category Modify the strategy over time after testing to ensure that it can consistently execute the updated rules.

In a statement, Arisha Hatch, the vice president of Color Change, criticized Twitter for failing to update its policy before the November presidential election, despite advocacy groups repeatedly warning of violent and inhuman comments.

Hatch also stated that Twitter refused to provide transparency on the training methods of its content moderators and the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in identifying content that violates the policy.

She said: “For a company that has a track record of policy enforcement and enforcement of its rules against extreme right-wing users, the jury is still ongoing.”

“The company will resolutely follow the conclusive evidence, and this announcement will become a fewer and fewer public relations stunt product release category.”

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