Twitter announced new features in its annual Analyst Day event, the most notable of which is a new tool called Super Follows subscription. This new subscription service will allow creators and publishers to monetize Twitter for exclusive tweets and content. Followers who pay for the “Super Follow” subscription will have access to exclusive content, deals and discounts, community access, and more. In addition, Twitter also hopes to introduce a new community feature that will allow users to create, discover and join micro-communities based on their interests.

Super follow subscription model

These new features are part of Twitter’s analyst’s day keynote speech. The company also stated that it intends to double its total annual revenue from US$3.7 billion (approximately Rs 2,003 billion) in 2020 to reach US$7.5 billion (approximately Rs. 2,003 billion) by 2023. 5,746.6 billion rupees) or more. Super Follows and all other features are designed to help Twitter achieve its revenue and user goals. The company is exploring options that allow creators and publishers to provide “super follow” subscriptions to their fans so that they can get direct support from their audiences.

Twitter shared a screenshot showing that it seems to want to charge users a monthly subscription fee of US$4.99 (about Rs 360) for Super Follows. However, CNBC reported that Kayvon Beykpour, the head of Twitter’s product, said that the price point will be customized based on the account, and that the “Super Fan” should be launched within this year. Subscriptions will unlock a series of privileges for supporters, such as supporter badges, subscriber-only newsletters, exclusive content, deals and discounts, and community access. Creators can use the service to publish content specifically for subscribers and make money through the platform.

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Image source: Twitter

Twitter is also working in the community, which will allow users to create groups around specific interests (e.g. cats, plants, social justice, etc.). This is a bit similar to Facebook Groups, which is a flourishing tool for micro-communities to communicate with each other. According to reports, Beykpour said the company will begin trials of the feature later this year.

Safe mode

twitter safe mode safe mode

Image source: Twitter

Twitter also briefly introduced a new feature called “Safe Mode.” After enabling this feature, the system will automatically detect the accounts that spam or abuse users, and limit their interactions to 7 days. The shared screenshot reads: “Automatically block accounts that may violate Twitter’s rules, and mute accounts that may use insults, cursing, vulgar language, or offensive remarks.” Twitter did not disclose the roadmap for the rollout of this feature.

Bird watching

With the spread of misinformation on social media increasingly becoming an important topic of discussion, Twitter is developing a new feature called Birdwatch to solve this problem. It appears to allow users to add context to tweets, which appear to provide misleading information in the form of comments at the bottom of the tweets.

Twitter bird watching

Image source: Twitter

“Birdwatch is a more extensible model similar to Wikipedia. An open contributor community can jointly determine when to add context to a tweet and what the context should say,” Beykpour said at the event. For example, if a user tweeting a whale casually is not real, other users can add notes to provide more background information to unsuspecting readers.

Twitter’s ambitious plan

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also announced that Twitter is expected to double the speed of development by the end of 2023, which means that every employee will be delivered directly to promote profitable daily active users (mDAU ) Or double the number of revenue functions. The company’s goal is to reach at least 315 million mDAU by the fourth quarter of 2023, a compound annual growth rate of approximately 20% relative to the base figure of 152 million mDAU reported in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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